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    Getting a Passport

    Mamiko Tsubaki
    Mamiko Tsubaki

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    Getting a Passport Empty Getting a Passport

    Post by Mamiko Tsubaki 7th April 2020, 2:08 pm

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    Shion H.
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    Shion scowled as she saw the giant mass of people before her. She was going to be here for so fucking long. She couldn't even knock them out; there were too many people here, and she was too weak. Plus, that'd get multiple guilds on her ass, and that was the last thing she needed right now.

    The overwhelming stench of sweat and annoyance flooded her nostrils. So did the smell of plastic, and heat, and uncomfort. It made her gag.

    She unconsciously started fiddling with her only weapon, other than her magic: a sharpened animal bone. To anyone that wasn't in her immediate vicinity, it looked like a legitimate dagger. The person next to her shifted uncomfortably, glancing at the weapon in her hands, then at her face. He flinched at the scars wrapping noose-like around her throat, and the other one that slanted across her face.

    She bared her teeth as him, and he quickly shuffled forward(he didn't give up his spot in line, though. Shion related. She had gotten to this point through blood, sweat, and tears. She wasn't backing down now), bumping into the person in front of him. Shion grinned at him, too. She also released toxins from the exposed parts of her skin.

    See, too much bacteria in your gut releases abnormal levels of trace amines and toxins into the blood, tricking your brain into thinking it's tired, depressed, anxious and stressed. A poor diet causes the bacterial imbalance; when treated, stress levels subside. But, there is also a connection to anxiety.

    She was relying on this to make the people around her anxious. Anxious enough to give up their spot in line? She'd have to see. As it slowly started affecting the people around her, Shion stopped baring her teeth and allowed a small, satisfied smile to unfurl itself on her face.

    She slowly but surely made her way to the front, people shying away from her. It was sorta like Moses and the Red Sea, except with people and there was no good reason for doing it. Her shoddy, looked-like-they-were-made-with-animal-skins clothes added to the effect of her being a madwoman. A dangerous madwoman, but a mad woman nevertheless.

    She slammed her hands onto the front desk, her eyes steely. "Give me my passport and let me fucking leave."

    Shion stood in front of the camera, an impassive look on her face. She didn't take off her scarf, instead tucking it beneath her chin. She raised an eyebrow at the shaking cameraman when he didn't immediately start snapping pictures, hissing "Incompetent," at him. He flinched and quickly got to work.

    The camera snapped with a sound like thunder, booming in her ears. The smell of technology stung her nose, and the heat of the lights made her nervous. Maybe she was just camera-shy. Maybe she didn't like lights.

    Well, whatever it was, her face got a little less threatening, and the camera man dared to say, "I'm not incompetent bitch, you are."

    Shion fucking snapped. Her eyes narrowed into thin slits, and she bristled uncomfortably in the lights, but she still tried to level the full force of her glare onto the man. He meeped and scuttered away, probably to make sure he didn't wet his pants in public.

    When she finally got her card, she marveled at it. It was a piece of fucking plastic. She'd waited and used her magic for this?! Well, at least now she'd be able to travel where the fuck she wanted without interference. With a final glare, she hunched up her shoulders and stalked away, hands crossed in front of her.

    She was never going out in public again.
    Just give me my passport goddammit

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