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    Getting Passport


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    Getting Passport Empty Getting Passport

    Post by sagey 10th November 2018, 10:20 am

    Guilds after guilds were seized to exist and so too Golden Phoenix. But by that time Sage heard that there'll be passports available to people at the middle of the Hargeon Town. He decided to get one because it would be a good chance for him to get an excess to lands outside of Fiore. The night before he was in a bar drinking as the day was quiet stressful to him because of some stupid lifeguard warning him not to go to deep into the ocean which stresses him up of course. So at the bar he heard about the passport thing.He heard the guy next to him at the bar that the Fiore Kingdom wants to open the gates for Fiorans to go outside the country and it would start early in the morning. Sage instantly knew what to do, he went out of the bar and looked at the sky, it wasn't that late yet. Which means that he could sleep early and wake up damn early the next morning. He went to the motel he was staying in and had a shower then heading to bed instantly closing the lights and his eyes wanting to wake up early tomorrow.
    The next morning he did, he woke up at 5:00 AM and he didn't showered but instead just brushed his teeth and washed his face. He used his magic to dry off his face and searched for his sweater someone in the messy room. While looking he thought to himself that one day he should clean this up or somebody will think that he's a spoiled brat or something near that, or that he was just freaking out. He locked the motel room's door and went out to the center of Hargeon Town to get his passport done early and so he could avoid the crowds.
    As he guessed, there wasn't a lot of people there early in the morning due to the fact that it was damn cold and the wind from the ocean increases the coldness by a multiple.times more. He could see a few people starting to wait for the session to start. Sage put his hand in his sweater's pocket and observed the scene, he didn't bring a glove a long so to keep his hands warm he had to place it in the pockets. Soon after, tables were available for people to register their passports and because Sage was there early he was the first one to register, the person that was in charge of handling the registration was also nice, it was a girl probably a teenager but her eyes told Sage that she was tired, maybe because she had to wake up early and do all this stuff. Due to his pity, he decided to go soft on her. After being asked to fill a form and was given a pen he said thank you with a smile and filled the form with the details needed, then the girl prints out something and they had to wait for awhile. Sage passport completed and the girl gave it to him, he received it politely and said thank you again with yet another smile. He then left because the crowd was growing.


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