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    Getting a passport.


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    Getting a passport. Empty Getting a passport.

    Post by Lilim 31st January 2017, 12:20 am

    It was bright. Almost too bright for the eye to see, this near-blinding white light flashing down from the sky above me. Rose Garden was hard enough to get through, without the bright sun flaring into my corneas. People shambled everywhere in this town, making it feel like a giant hungover mob was impeding my path. Sure, it was a merry town, but I couldn't for the life of me understand the compulsive need to be around other people and make merry. My way through this town was slow moving, impeded by people who didn't care to notice anyone else's problems. This isn't bad, I must say, just highly inconvenient. If the small folk don't have to worry about the major issues of the world, and yet can focus on their own, that's a world for a person to live in. I had to make my way to a county office for intercontinental travel, and I took a while to get there. About midday, I approached the office, and entered through the double doors of this small building. Inside, there was a line like no one knew. I counted at least 120 in the room, and I couldn't see all of the people, just from the sheer volume of people there. I'll have a time getting to the front.


    Getting a passport. Z8lAzQC

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