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    Getting a passport


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    Getting a passport  Empty Getting a passport

    Post by Aurora 12th July 2019, 12:50 pm


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    Gangting was at Hargeon, a place very familiar to him. It was a place he had met Johann von Weiss. His friend and now his guildmaster too. And it was the very same person that had send him to Hargeon to get a passport. Gangting had inquired his friend what it was and why he would need it. His answer made him even wonder more why he needed it. You can just go to another country, why would not having that piece of paper stop you from going places? He protested his assignment, but it landed on a deaf ear. “When you get back you got a password, if not you do not need to come here back as a guildmember. We need to abide this law, if you don’t have a password then we won’t have use for you.” Were the words of Johann. It invoked a certain ire in him. He was used to be equals with him, but the was a neophyte and Johann was the guildmaster. Johann’s voice was law within the guild. The ironic thing was however, Gangting travelled to Minstrel by boat (a dreaded manner of travel for Gangting) and then by chariot he travelled to Fiore. To get to Fiore he had to travel without a password as he had none yet, and with that demonstrated that it wasn’t necessarily to have one. But he continued reluctantly.

    The town of Hargeon was busy with life as always. There always seemed to be a market going on when he visits the town. Stalls filled with local goods like fish, vegetables and meat but also stalls filled with rare spices from far away places and beautifully crafted items ranging from chests to jewellery. Gangting loved to stroll through market stalls, he did it too back in the day in Duoshang. The markets there had been much larger, filled with exotic animals, slaves, gems and other rare goods but also the more down to earth goods as was the case in Hargeon. Gangting decided on buy pork chips from an old vendor. Gangting enjoyed the taste of them. But eventually walking between the colourful stalls started to bore him and he left the busy street for a calmer one. He looked for a street sign to know where he had to go.

    Gangting entered the Townhall. There were a handful of runeknights and civilians in the lobby. He proceeded towards a booth with a young gentleman. ”I require a passport,” said the giant briskly. The man looked with big eyes at the redhead. “Uh, yes… That’s… okay,” with a small voice. “I need to know… when you are born. Were you live… uuh your name of course and uuh, those are the things I need to know.” ”Hmm, I am 43,” said Gangting, who didn’t want to be bothered with questions about his birthdate which was o so long ago.”I do not really have a proper residence, so just do Hargeon.” The man looked as if he wanted to protest. ”Yes, Hargeon town.” said Gangting cold. ”My name is Gangting of Duoshang.” he spoke friendlier this time. The man behind the booth swallowed and in a small voice said; “Tha…thank you… You ma.. may take a seat… It will be don.. done shortly.” Gangting nodded.



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