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    Getting a passport


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    Getting a passport Empty Getting a passport

    Post by Mufasa 31st December 2019, 5:40 am

    Andrew browsed his newly gotten Ilac while he was on the train, it was now the second day that he had his hands on it and so far, there could only be praise for the product. Thought it did annoy him that not all apps were yet updated to the new operating system of the Ilac; but of course he had to be patients as this new model of the Ilac was not yet for sale for the masses and the app developers only had their hands on the new operating system for a week or at least, the prominent developers such as the ones who created Kindling, LacBook, iExeed and MagicGram. Which happened to be the most important apps to Andrew. Thoughts he would never admit that about Kindling, not in the open nor in private. Life is best when you can share it with others, and the best person to share everything with would be a partner. He opened iExceed to look at some of the new messages. He browsed through them and replied to the once needing replies and then went on to LacBook.

    On the train to Hargeon Town to get my new passport. Why can’t I just do this in Crocus? Bit weird isn’t it? That the only two places where you can do get these at Hargeon and Rose Garden. Ow well, at least I can try out the new Ilac for a review. (Probably shouldn’t have said that, keep it secret please :p). was what he wrote on his page. He looked up his music app and started to listen to some Music.

    He stepped off the train and checked out of the train station. Andrew made his way over the main street, while he enjoyed the music he was still listening too. ”We build a house and then we broke it down,” so moved his lips but no sound was heard as he mouthed along the song. His shoulders moved gracefully on the beat. He made his way through town to the administration and entered the building.

    ”Good morning people, how are we all doing today?” asked Andrew to no one in particular, ”I am doing fantastic, travelling all this way from Crocus to get a brand-new passport! Who can help me with that?” The office people looked confused at him, trying to grasp whenever he was sarcastic or not or if he truly was very jolly. Of course, it was both. “Sir, I can help you,” said a female voice from behind a desk. Andrew smoothly turned towards her on his spot and barged with full strides at her desk. Stretching out his arm, ”My name is Andrew Barnet,” he winked, ”the journalist of the daily crocus, perhaps you have heard of me.” The blonde woman shook his hand, “Bernadette,” she paused, “em no, I have never heard of you.” She sat down and gestured Andrew to do the same. “I need you to fill in this form please, after that we can make the passport and then you can pick it up this afternoon.” Andrew looked up from the paper, ”This afternoon? Not earlier.” “It should be done around three but I recommend to come 30 minutes later or an hour so that you won’t have to wait here if there is a delay.

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