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    Getting the passport.


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    Getting the passport. Empty Getting the passport.

    Post by Rhyolo 23rd June 2017, 9:29 am

    Rhyolo had woken up in his hotel room when the the sun's light assaulted his eyes when they had first opened for the day. as his eyes adjusted he sat up straight in his bed rubbing the crusts out of his eyes. Once his pupils had gotten used to the sudden light change he hen took in his surrondings and began to look around the hotel room. He saw a nice little wooden table next to his bed. on the table was a vase with a single flower inside. The flower was a golden crimson and looked beautiful. hen then looked toward the tiled bathroom door where he saw his clothes thrown on the floor next to the doorway. He then looked at the source of the light. The fire mage looked at the open window and saw that the yellow curtains were flapping in the wind. Rhyolo then got up out of his bed and sleepily walked over to the window and closed it. He then stretched his aching back by pushing it forward with both of his hands. Once his back was stretched with a few satisfactory pops, Rhyolo then let out a relieved sigh.
    He then thought aloud, "Why does my back hurt when I'm only 15. This doesn't make any sense. Either way it's life." Rhyolo then walks into the bathroom and procceds to runs some hot water for a shower. As he waits for the water to warm up he goes ahead and puts the old dirty clothes in his bag after setting out the extra pair he had brought for himself. once the water was warm enough Rhyolo bathed himself and then proceeded to dry himself off after turning off the water in the shower.  Rhyolo then put on his clothes.Instead of his usual Red hoodie and shorts, Rhyolo had put on a black sleeveless shirt with a read collars vest on top.  He also wore long white pants. Rhyolo then put on his usual leather boots. the young mage then sat on the bed wondering what to do. The young mage then remembered what he came here to do. And that was to get his passport. The young mage the slung his bag over his shoulder and headed out of his hotel room and headed to the place to get his passport, the docks.
    As Rhyolo came closer to the docks it became apparent to him that he wasn't the only one trying to get his passport. He then looked at the long lines in front of him. Dozens of families waiting to get their passport. Rhyolo then groaned as he saw then line was going no where, and it wasn't moving very quickly. Rhyolo then looked toward the front of the line and noticed that the line goers were looking at two fathers fighting. Rhyolo then takes advantage of everyone being distracted by the ridiculous scuffle and cuts to the front of the of the line. The young mage then gives the clerk is information before he issues him his passport. Rhyolo then happily takes his passport and runs before anyone notices he was there. Thank god for fighting.



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