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    Passport (Job)

    Veil Yami
    Veil Yami

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    Passport (Job) Empty Passport (Job)

    Post by Veil Yami 26th October 2018, 10:08 am

    The large crowds outside the Hargeon Town port was incredible to behold, people stood in line while others tried to push, sneak, and bribe their way to the front. Those that tried were immediately set upon by the town guards and pushed to the end of the line, those that kept trying were arrested for disturbing the peace. The whole Passport craze happened because the magic council had decided to open their borders to other nations and in return the other nations opened their own borders to the citizens of Fiore. Now the magic and mercenary guilds could do work outside of Fiore for clients and those from other countries could do jobs here.

    Among the lines stood a young mage who was patiently waiting for his own passport. A fellow Silver Wolf member had told him of this Job and how necessary it could be for his career as a guild mage. So, Veil had left the Phoenix Mountains where their guild was based and come out to Hargeon Town. The train rides gave him plenty of time to read and work on some new spell ideas and formulas for new ways to use his magic. The line shuffled and moved forward.

    All in all for so many wanting their passports the lines were moving pretty quickly. The council feeling the effects of the Passport rush had wisely put their own people on the job to increase the speed in which people could get their passports. Veil slid a hand up adjusting his dark green tie, his other hand sliding through his shaggy red hair and andjusted his half moon glasses. As time passed the line grew shorter and shorter. Veil tapped his cane softly on the ground to the song going on in his head as he waited his turn.

    The line finally decreased to where Veil could see the toad people filling out the information for the passport and once more Veil wondered where these Toad people came from. It had always been a mystery but one he never cared much about to spend his time on. He had different scholarly goals. For one the root of magic and what it's origins were, if magic effected the casters personality or vice versa. It was a thrilling chase and one he was eager to learn more about. For now however he had to focus on getting this passport before he could travel around outside Fiore and examine Libraries and ancient ruins of other nations.

    Finally his turn was up and he stepped in front of a toad man with long white robes. He looked up and gave a tired smile that Veil could fully understand.

    "Name, guild, magic , age." The frog man asked with droopy eyes.

    Veil fixed his cuff and returned the smile. "Veil Yami, Silver Wolf guild, Amaterasu Formula Magic, age fourteen."

    The frog froze as he wrote the magic down, his gaze lifting to look at the young mage who was smiling back at him. The Amaterasu Formula magic was extremely dangerous and even harder to learn. This youth had actually learned it? He was torn between time and curiosity. One part of him could demand he show his magic knowledge while his work half groaned at how many people still remained to deal with. Sighing, the frog man held up a passport with all of Veil's information, their was a white flash and now Veil's image was in the top right corner.

    The frog man handed him the passport and smiled. The mage returned it and walked out of the line. Looking down at his passport he grinned, now he was officially able to leave Fiore and do jobs outside in the world.

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