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    To get a passport.. or not~


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    To get a passport.. or not~ Empty To get a passport.. or not~

    Post by Tristian 4th March 2017, 3:45 pm

    The sun was shining high in the sky as Tristian walked around the streets of Rose Garden. He heard people in the guildhall talk about passports being handed out. Tristian always wished he could travel past the borders of Fiore. The square got more crowded as time passed and Tristian felt uneasy in between all these people. As a dark mage it wasn't gonna be easy to get a passport. He knew he had to either steal one or strike a bargain with one of the persons handing them out. Tristian quickly passed through the crowd and while he did he gathered his energy. He released his magic and after a short burst of fire around him he was his 27 year old self. "There we go. Ready to get myself a passport." he mumbled to himself with a small grin on his face.

    The uneasy feeling of the busy crowd still lingered in the back of his head as he got closer and closer to the table with the passports on them. He looked around and saw how everybody was moving slower and slower. "What the hell.. " He walked up to a women that was also waiting and he gently asked "Excuse me miss, could I ask you something?". The lady slowly turned around and said in slow motion "What did you say?". Tristian began to feel uneasy as he knew something was going wrong right here and now. "No nothing nevermind. Have a good day miss." He said as he waved at the lady and turned around and ran. He just went straight for the table not giving anything about the people the pushed aside. Nothing was gonna get in between him and his way to travel around. He felt his body grow lighter and lighter the more he began to stress. As he was almost by the table he felt his body emmiting this weird kind of energy. It felt like.. magic but it was different from his fire magic. This was no ordinary magic. He felt even more uneasy when he realised that time was now completely frozen around him. the energy his body was giving off to his surrounding now became visable to him and he saw how the time on the square flowed through everything. He closed his eyes and shook his head as he began to feel sick as he felt the friction between him and time.

    He knew he could only keep this up for about 10 more minutes before he would lose his mind and he quickly ran for the table again and he made a passport ready for himself as he tried to keep his mind together. "6 minutes left..." he muttered as he put the passport in his coat and he yelled "Fire Blink!" and he dashed behind the the crowd and just ran for it. One minute before he was about to reach his limit he reached the grassy plains outside of the city. He sat down and instantly lost his concious. The moment he lost concious his body returned to his child state of 12 years old and time began to flow normally again. The birds where singing their song as the day came to an end and by the time Tristian woke up again the sun was already long gone. He sat back up and thought to himself about how nobody was to know about what had happened that day. How could they ever believe he froze time without being able to control it. He knew he had to tell it Marceline. She would know what to do. He stood up and slowly walked back to the guild hall of Savage Skull.



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