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    Getting a Passport

    Shen Kadokawa
    Shen Kadokawa

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    Getting a Passport Empty Getting a Passport

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 4th October 2017, 3:19 pm

    Job Description:

    Johann sat down at his seat at the bar. He had come to Hargeon Town for what he heard was the best seafood in the area, but so far he had been occupied with a job and travelling and couldn't find the time for a nice dinner. He was glad he could finally enjoy some great food after all the hassle of the previous days and ordered some the finest Rosefish he had ever seen, spicy baked potatoes and steamed carrots with butter. The meal looked amazing, and, filled with joy, Johann started eating.

    As he finished and went to pay, the friendly looking man behind the bar addressed him directly :"Ah, another one here for the passport huh ? Let me guess, you wanna know where to get one, right ?"
    Johann naturally reacted with confusion. He, frankly, had no idea what the man was talking about, but he didn't intend on keeping it this way. "Passport ? Good sir, in all honesty, I have no idea what you are referencing, but please, tell me more about this passport situation." "Oh I thought ..." the bartender responded "... nevermind. Didn't you hear ? Fiore opened it's borders again to allow mages and guilds to operate internationally, and of course everyone and their mother want a passport now. Better try and get one for yourself man. It's right down by the docks, you can't miss it." Johann paid the man for the food and said "I want to compliment your marvelous food and, of course, thank you for the information, good sir" while leaving the bar for the streets of Hargeon Town. He would make sure to not miss this opportunity.

    He was walking down the road that lead to the docks and already noticed the area getting more and more crowded the closer he came to the area where the passports were supposed to be registered. He let out a sigh of annoyance. The people didn't even bother to line up properly and the lack of discipline and manners bugged Johann to no end. He tried to get closer to the counter where the passports were registered and handed out, but people constantly tried to save time for themselves by cutting in line and shoved like madmen. He had had enough. He took in a deep breath and apologized in advance for what was about to happen. He explosively released some of his stored up wind magic and dashed forward through the crowd.

    Everybody reacted with confusion and most people had to take a few seconds to get back on their feet. Nobody seemed to know what had happened due to Johanns speed, which was only to Johanns advantage. He knew it was kind of a dirty tactic but he felt it was justified. Everyone else was cheating as well, after all. While the majority of the crowd was still in disarray, he simply walked over to the counter and addressed the man sitting behind it, who also seemed to be in confusion still. "Hello, good sir, I would like to obtain a Passport ..."
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