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    Delivery Job


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    Delivery Job Empty Delivery Job

    Post by Fluffy 17th July 2017, 12:39 pm

    571 words.
    She had started exploring the world around Fiore more on her lately, deciding to stray from the 'safety' of the Golden Phoenix Guild Hall and out to do something in the outside world. Doing something like taking jobs, would be rather difficult since the world was under the impression she was just some normal feline, but that did not mean she could not enjoy a nice walk! Honestly she was finding that happened to be the one downside so far to letting everyone believe that she was some common cat who happened to have two tails. Being treated like a pet sometimes? Was semi annoying as it could keep her from something some things, but being over looked in that way really was not bad all the time. When someone was not looking at you was the best time to strike against them, she had learned while ghost hunting that being an unassuming existence could often be her biggest advantage within most any situation. Thus the female would not go out of her way to change the way thing's currently happened to be even if the life of a common cat was sometimes rather annoying, especially since she had been used to working before being transformed.

    Prior to being taken in by the ghost hunting group? She had went to school but she had to work at the same time because her father was no longer around and her mother had also left. Once she had linked up with the ghost hunters they payed for what she needed, but she still had to work so to speak, help on the cases and such they took. Honestly it was incredibly weird to not need to work to keep herself provided for, just sorta get things for free since she was only a mere pet in the eyes of most. Heck only one person besides the devil that had transformed her knew how far her intelligent went and she doubted chaoris was going screaming it off the roofs any time soon!

    'Huh?' the feline stopped red optics observing as one of the mail men of the city kicked the side of his truck, several times. Apparently, the vehicle was out of gas, stopping him from making any deliveries he may have remaining. Slowly the cat made her way over, moving semi swiftly until she could clearly make out the amount left in his bag. "Mew." she might be able to pick this up as some sort of job so to speak, he might not pay her if she helped cause she was a cat, but it was worth a shot. "Can you help me deliver these little kitty? I promise I'll give you some jewel to take back to your owner." that certainly worked for her, the female had no issue with that being what happened. Since she agreed with what was going to happen? Fluffy took several of the letters and sprinted off with them, making the deliveries swiftly so she could return to the mailman and get her payment. "Damn you're a pretty fast cat! Here you go little kitty." he bent down to offer her a fish and a bag of jewels, she ate the fish than picked up the jewels and trotted off with them.

    Only question left? What was she going to do with jewels while in her cat form, where was she going to store these?


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