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    Delivery Boy (Job)

    Ishtar Starborn
    Ishtar Starborn

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    Delivery Boy (Job) Empty Delivery Boy (Job)

    Post by Ishtar Starborn 24th July 2018, 1:40 pm

    Fortunately, money would not be an issue. Ishtar wasn't in the market for-- well, anything, really. He just wanted to acclimate to this new world made foreign to him by his century spent in the Iced Shell his goddess had imprisoned him in. Delivering the mail would give Ishtar the chance to meet the people of a clearly populous town and familiarize himself with the new customs and lingo. Besides, he'd be doing some good for someone-- where was the harm? Sufficiently convinced, Ishtar stepped away from the Job Board and headed into town.

    Finding the mailman was not difficult; all he had to do was follow the shouted curses and smoke drifting above the quaint houses of Magnolia. Walking down a street, taking a turn right, and there the mailman was: an older gentleman in green overalls yelling at a strange contraption set on four wheels that must have been the "magic mail truck." Odd, the kinds of things society invited while Ishtar was away.

    He stepped forward. "Excuse me, sir," he said politely, interrupting the mailman's litany of profanity, "but I saw your plea on the Job Board for assistance with your mail delivery."

    "Eh?" The mailman squinted at Ishtar and, after a cursory glance at his physique, grunted. "Wizards. Efficient as hell and quicker than a rooster runnin' from a fox." The older man sighed. "Yeah, I need help. Truck broke down, and I need to get these people their mail." He waved an arm vaguely at the street. "Every house on this street needs their letters. Can you help me out?"

    "Certainly," Ishtar said, not too firmly but with enough conviction to be reassuring. "You can count on me." He picked up the stack of letters inside the truck on the passenger seat and closed the door, stepping up to the first house and ringing the doorbell.

    A woman answered the door. She was young, perhaps seventeen or so-- far too young to be living by herself, Ishtar thought with a slight frown. Perhaps her parents are away? Or this could be their house; foolish to assume anything, Ishtar. Remember, this is a different time. Everything may be different.

    "Yes?" The woman asked in a light tone tinged with amusement. Ishtar started and mentally cursed at himself for getting lost in observation. "Ah, yes," he stammered, then sifted through the mail for addresses. "Uh, your mail--" He stared. The addressing on these letters was completely different than what he remembered. He didn't know how to match the letter to the person. And what was her address? There were no numbers adorning the house. How could he tell anything from this system?

    "Here, let me," the woman said kindly, taking the stack of letters from Ishtar before he could protest. He reddened and had to satisfy himself by standing there awkwardly, observing the houses on either side and the woman herself. Blonde hair, done up in a ponytail, plain tunic with short sleeves-- T-shirt, he reminded himself frustratedly-- and a short skirt. Far shorter than was appropriate. And her shirt clung to her chest in a very inappropriate way. He found himself staring and hurriedly looked away, but he was fine; the woman hadn't noticed.

    Something glinted in Ishtar's eye from her waist, and he chanced a look at her belt. There was a plain leather whip and-- were those keys?

    "Thanks," the woman said, handing the letters back, keeping two. "Not from around here, are you?" She smiled to make Ishtar relax. "It's just that the mailmen know everyone who lives in Magnolia by heart; they've memorized the addresses."

    Ah. That explained it. "Yes," Ishtar said, slightly abashed. "I'm just doing a job, is all."

    "I know how that is," the woman agreed cheerfully. "Do you need help knowing who lives where?"

    Ishtar agreed, and the woman pointed at the houses on the street and stated the people who lived there twice, so Ishtar would remember. He thanked her and continued on his way, up the street on one side, back down on the other, with a brighter light shining in his head. Maybe he would come to understand this new world, after all.

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