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    Delivery Duo


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    Delivery Duo Empty Delivery Duo

    Post by Nadarr 4th October 2017, 10:31 am

    As clarence And coco were walking through magnolia on one of there many stops around he sighed deeply. “Is something wrong master?” Coco would ask worried about him since there depater into there new life. “No coco” he would respond quietly looking around at all the people happily running around the city with glee. “Nothing at all” he says and continues to walk. She just nods and keeps walking looking around the city. As he walks he sees a man who looks unhappy looking at a broken magic mobile. He rubs his neck looking to coco “come coco” he says walking as she nods following him closely. As he walks up the obvious looking mailman looks up flustered. “Hey what’s wrong?” Clarence asked looking at the vehicle then at him being able to put two and two together but deciding to listen to him. “Yeah there is a problem...i haven’t finished my route and my magic mobile broke down…” he sighs looking back at his truck. “I’d finish but i got to wait for help...im gonna be late” he groans a little bit. Clearance nods. “We could help if you want…” he says quietly. When he says this the mailman jumps with glee. “Thank you thank you i just need these twenty letters delivered oh i'm in your debt” he says thrusting a bag towards clarence. He looked at it hesitantly before coco walked over quietly taking the ba. “Come coco” he said doing a turn looking at the address on the first letter as they walked to it. As he walked holding a letter and coco with the duffel bag people stared at them as he looked back at her. Part of him wanted to ask to take the bag….but he knew she would just say know, thus being no point so he’d let them stare. It wouldn’t be the last time he was sure of this. As they went house to house Coco spoke up. “Master not that im upset with your choice but why did you offer to help...your usually not very out there…” she asked handing him a letter. He put it in a mailbox sighing. “Doesn't matter, we are going to help those who need it...good or bad” he says shutting a mail box. “Someone's got to after all” he puts his hands in his pockets looking at the sun briefly before continuing onward. Coco smiled walking with him. AS they finished putting the last letter in the box he looked at the empty bag nodding as they walked back to where the mailman was still waiting for help with his truck. As they approached he ran over smiling “thank you thank you your so helpful!” he said with glee. Here take this!” he handed him a small bag of jewels, Before he could remove his hands from his pockets coco took it putting it in the bag “Thanks...good luck with that truck” he said turning to go without another word to the man walking away. He wasn’t one for dragged out goodbyes, just keep it simple, for the most part.

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