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    Delivery for... [Job // Delivery Girl]


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    Private Delivery for... [Job // Delivery Girl]

    Post by Corliss 30th June 2016, 5:51 pm

    in someone else's happiness

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    The sun was up, the birds were singing, and a delivery man was crying next to a smoking mail truck right in Corliss and Pyrrha's way. The newly minted Fairy Tail mage and companion were out exploring Magnolia, trying to get a feel for their new home. Magnolia wasn't an unfamiliar location, but they hadn't explored everything, and now the duo couldn't avoid a citizen in need. "I'm Corliss, is there anything I can do for you sir?" The mailman looked up, tears streaming down his wide-eyed face. "Oh thank goodness, can you help me deliver my mail? I'm well known for my prompt and immaculate routine- I've never been more than fifteen minutes behind schedule in delivering my route's mail. I'm like the superhero of this neighborhood! But now, my truck is out of magic- I swear I checked the tank this morning!- and something went wrong and now it's smoking for some reason? Anyway, I'd deliver the mail on foot myself, but the office insists that I have to wait here for my truck to be towed, and I have nine minutes to get this mail to the last twenty houses, or else my reputation as Sun-Up Sam is ruined! Please miss, deliver the rest of it!" With his closing statement, he shoved his arms out towards the pair, revealing a decently large stack of letters to deliver. Corliss immediately scooped up the stack, wasting no time conversing with the mailman, and took off running in the direction he had gestured in. The white-blonde threw a couple to Pyrrha, pointing at a house across the street. The gryphon wasted no time in flying to the house in question, dropping the letters off at the welcome mat, and racing back to fetch more. Meanwhile, Corliss threw letters at the front doors of houses as she ran by them, managing to get through three while Pyrrha delivered her letters. Another couple houses' mail thrown to Pyrrha, a few more houses down the road, and they made progress by the seconds. Eventually, Corliss went to throw, and there wasn't anything left. Feeling out of breath for the first time in the seven and a half minutes they had been working, Corliss turned on her heels and trudged back to the mailman and his broken down truck. "Oh thank you so so so much Miss Corliss! You're my hero! I'm forever in your debt! Allow me to repay you!' Sam quickly reached into the glove box of his truck and pulled out a decently-sized coin purse, to which Corliss quickly shook her head in refusal. "No need to repay me, really." Sam pushed it at her once more, and was met with refusal. This went back and forth for a solid fifteen minutes, twice as long as the actual deed had taken.
    Corliss eventually accepted the payment, just as the tow truck arrived to help the mailman on his way. After waving goodbye, the mage and her companion went on their way, off to new adventures within the town of Magnolia.



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