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    Delivery Girl [Job]


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    Delivery Girl [Job] Empty Delivery Girl [Job]

    Post by SeaGlass 27th August 2018, 4:46 pm

    Arcadia was seated on one of the benches out front of the Fairy Tail guild hall. She was enjoying a lazy kind of day, catching up with the other Magnolia Seis on her iLac, while sipping at her latest watermelon-strawberry slushy. The young slayer glanced up from her lacrima phone to ponder a curiously shaped cloud that caught her attention. It was about then, she caught motion out of the corner of her eye and a kind of familiar scent with it. The mail man was rushing toward the guild hall doors with a hastily drawn poster in hand. Catching sight of he sky blue outline on Arcadia's left forearm, he stopped to catch his breath.

    Despite how much confidence she had believed herself to have gained since joining Fairy Tail, Arcadia wouldn't quite meet the man's gaze. She managed to a offer a welcoming smile as she pretended to look past him for his truck. The mail man looked to his poster, and held it out to Arcadia, “Hey, kid. Looks like you might be one of the wizards here? Would you do me a big favor, and put this poster up on your guild's board or maybe you know someone who could fill the job, starting like now? I'm running to low on magic power to run my truck and the reserve lacrima is just gone, but I've still got 20 more houses left on my route. This mail needs to be delivered by the end of today, but I'm afraid I don't have much to pay to offer.”

    The young mage quickly signed off with friends, and pocketed her iLac. She stood to take the poster from the mailman. Looking down over the poster's earnest handwriting, and up at the exhausted mail man, Arcadia's young heart went out to him. Rolling the poster up, she smiled and met his gaze, ”You can count on me, Mister. I don't have any other jobs to do today, so I can start on this right away.”

    The mail man smiled and bowed graciously, “Thanks, kid! You're a lifesaver.”

    Arcadia smiled again and bowed in return. ”Let me take care of my glass, and I'll be right with you.” she left the mail man to wait briefly outside, not wanting to leave her glass outside, while she was gone. The slayer guzzled what was left of her slushy on the way in, and dropped her empty glass off at the bar. Her bare feet carried her swiftly right back out, ”Right, lead the way.”

    Unfortunately, the mail man's magic power didn't have the courtesy to run low nearby. It was a good 13 or 15 minute walk through some of Magnolia's less traveled side streets to get there. The mail man pulled a postal bag from the back of his truck, loading the mail for the lat 20 houses of his route into it. He helped adjust the shoulder strap to better fit the young girl. He wouldn't have guessed some of her stature would be strong enough to carry that much at once, but all wizards were full of surprises he guessed. “That should do it, kid. These last 20 houses are all in this neighborhood, so should be easy to find them. I'll be waiting here for someone to pick my truck and me up”

    The slayer smiled and bowed to the mail man, ”No worries, Sir, and I'm Arcadia. I'll be back before you can say...something hella awesome that I can't think of right now.” She waved and turned down the street. Drawing magic power down into her feet, giving rise to frosty tendrils of mist as her soles chilled with a slick coating of ice. She leaned forward and skated off at preternatural speeds down the residential streets of Magnolia. Her magic provided the ice for her bare feet to speed skate down the way.

    It took her no time at all to skate on through the neighborhood. Most of her time was taken up sorting out which letters and packages went to each address over traveling in between. She managed to deliver the last of the mail, and skate most of the way back to the mail man's truck before her skating spell wore off. Arcadia happily traded the empty mail bag back for what meager pay he had to offer, before heading back to the guild hall.

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