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    Delivery Girl

    Rinni Faithe

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    Delivery Girl Empty Delivery Girl

    Post by Rinni Faithe 23rd February 2019, 4:15 pm


    A hooded girl shrouded in mystery walked down the streets of Magnolia. She had somehow been duped into being a delivery girl. She had also been duped into doing this completely on her own, as Timber opted out of coming with her using the excuse that he had to cub sit Melon for Leila Vergious.

    "Yeah, right. He just doesn't want to help me deliver letters in a crowded city. Dumb wolf is probably off being lazy..." She thought in annoyance. "Who needs him, anyway? It's not like I'll run into bad guys. I can do this!"

    There was a job listing on the board back at the guild. Apparently, the mail carrier's magic truck ran out of magic and he needed help delivering his mail. Rinni sighed at how ridiculously mundane her first job was turning out to be. But, I guess everyone has to start somewhere. And this is where she begins.

    Maintaining her coverage under the security of her hood, Rinni Faithe entered the post office ready for her task. She looked around the building. It was simple, mailboxes for pickups and drop-offs lined the walls, mages, knights, and civilians busied themselves while postal workers stamped packages for deliveries to other towns.

    Deep breath and Rinni approached the counter to address the mail carrier in charge here. It was an older male, not too old, but just old enough to pass as Rin's father or perhaps older brother. He appeared to be in his 30s or 40s, dark hair slightly graying. He had a handlebar mustache and deep blue eyes. Rinni felt slightly off put as she approached him and his eyes met hers.

    She adjusted her hood to ensure only her lips were visible. Her eyeteeth were sharper than most humans, almost appearing as fangs when she spoke. Was she a vampire? No, not quite. If one was to compare her to any creature, it'd be far more accurate to compare her to a werewolf. Was she, though? That question remained to be answered. She wasn't even sure what she was, why she was born so different. She lived a life of hell and torment and was now a scarred 14-year-old wizard just trying to get by. Her closest companion and most trusted friend was her wolf, Timber.

    She was (slowly) learning to trust the members of her guild, but it was a long and painful journey. She let a few see her de-robed, but she mostly remained hidden beneath her hooded cloak. When in public like this, she never removed it. Perhaps one day, when she was stronger and more confident... but not yet. She wasn't ready yet. She was tired of being bullied and would remain hidden in mystery as long as possible.

    "I'm here for the mail delivery job post."

    "So we finally got a taker huh? You seem awfully young. What's your name, girl?"

    Rinni cleared her throat and stood tall; well, as tall as a girl of 5'4" could stand anyway. She held her head high as she spoke, her ears and tail flat to avoid detection by prying eyes. "My age doesn't matter, sir. My name is Rinni Faithe of Silver Wolf."

    The man chuckled and offered a smirk of amusement by her tough act. She was really shy and a bit scared, but she refused to show it. "Well, Miss Rinni Faithe of Silver Wolf, welcome aboard. Here are the letters and packages, and here's the list of addresses to deliver them to. Good luck, kid. Try not to get lost."


    Her first five deliveries were easy and went off without a hitch. Leaving packages on doorsteps, dropping mail in slots. Easy peasy. It was job six onward that Rinni began to regret taking this job. Curious children tried to pull off her cloak while concerned mothers scolded them gently. Dogs chased her from yards while owners ordered them to heel. She was being to think maybe she should have taken Timber with her after all.

    Her 10th delivery involved a chihuahua latching onto her tail as she ran out of the yard screaming. Her fur bristled as she tried to shake off the savage little beast. The tiny creature was persistent and had a tight grip for such a little dog. Poor Rinni was forced to do the rest of her deliveries with that mungrel attached to her.

    Children hurled spitballs and chewed bubble gum at her with slingshots as their mothers shouted, "Leave the nice young lady alone!"

    A lot of good that did. These brats were just as bad, if not worse, than the children she grew up with as a child herself. She couldn't help but wonder if the official mail carrier had these sorts of problems, and if so how did he deal with it?

    By the time she finished her last 15 or so deliveries, she had lost count after 10, poor Rinni was covered in postage stamps, chewing gum, and a persistent chihuahua attached to her tail. Never again. She was never going to take a job this tedious as long as she lived. It wasn't worth it. Finally dropping off the last package, she returned to the post office to claim her reward.

    "I've delivered all 20 some packages and letters." As she entered, the mail carrier saw her pitiful appearance and busted out into laughter. Rinni was not amused and only glared from under her hood as she awaited payment. He handed her the jewels he owed her and she turned and stalked out, glad to be rid of this awful place.

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