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    Delivery Girl


    Delivery Girl Empty Delivery Girl

    Post by Guest 13th April 2019, 4:22 am

    It was a cold crisp morning and besides the yowling of a stray cat or two, there was complete silence among the streets of Magnolia. Well, almost, as there at least three figures who were sprinting down the various streets in order to deliver mail. The postman's van had unfortunately broken down and so in a panic, he had requested the aid of the first person who had walked by and by some quirk of fate, it had been Leliana. Why had she been wandering the streets at such a ridiculous hour? Well, it was simply a case of her being able to walk the streets without feeling too overwhelmed. The town was normally so busy and although she had a fondness for the place, that did not mean that she was completely comfortable all the time. So, she had taken to taking a morning stroll inside, to help clear her head, as well as try to figure out her next move. The time for her to leave the town for a while was coming, mostly due to her having run out of tasks to complete in the area and so she was simply planning where to go next. That had been until the postman had found her and convinced her to help out, not that she had needed much inspiration or reason to help. He was in need and she naturally wanted to help him out and was soon on the job.

    To help her out with the task, she had summoned her bipedal summons, Blaziken and Greninja and had handed them each a stack of letters to deliver. As usual, they took it as a challenge against one another and had sped off before Leliana had even finished given them their instructions. With a shake of the head, she had turned away and started on her own stack, barely recognisable in the dark due to her black clothing and hair. The job was an easy one though and thankfully she did not run in to anyone on her way, quickly pushing the envelopes through the letterboxes before running away as quickly as possible. The idea of getting caught, while silly, did cause her to feel a little nervous and she moved like grease lightning through the streets. In all, the job took about half an hour or so and by the time she had returned to the postman's van, she found that both of her spirits had beaten her back although judging from the expressions on their faces, it seemed like the chicken had won this time, much to his pleasure. Greninja just gave him a grumpy look before disappearing, whilst Blaziken roared in triumph before following suit. The postman took it all in his stride though and happily paid her for the work that they had done for him and then parted ways, leaving him to call his bosses and explain the situation. It had been a nice little though and had helped make her decision on what to do next. She would head from the city and start exploring again, following the never ending path of jewels and exploring the massive world around her.

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