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    Delivery Boy/Girl (Job)


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    Delivery Boy/Girl (Job) Empty Delivery Boy/Girl (Job)

    Post by Elijah 9th July 2016, 10:21 am

    Job info:

    A small reward, for an easy task. That was the mail delivery Elijah was on, he had already stuffed the mail boxes of three houses, only about seventeen to go. Considering so far it had taken him like two minutes, this would be the easiest jewels he had ever earned in his life, like seriously. The man felt a bit that he was robbing the old postman, but right now, he needed those jewels for a lot of things. Especially after joining a new guild, he didn't want to seem broke to all of those people. First impressions were important, more so than with other people, due to the young man being an ex-dark guild guild master. Something that a lot of legal mages would frown upon, with a very frowny face. Yeah, not too nice.

    As his thoughts wandered, the man kept working, delivering the small mail and packages to the houses they were addressed to. A job that in his opinion was easy, but would drive anyone insane after a few weeks of it. Constantly going to the same area, doing the same thing, this life really wasn't for him, he wanted to have fun in life, that's why he had joined Gold Phoenix in the first place, to earn money and to go on adventures. To be honest, he sounded like a little excited kid when he said that, but it was the main reason for doing so.

    Letting a sigh roll down his lips, Elijah was already getting tired of delivering letters, the last few houses were at the edge of the city as well. Much further away then the houses previously visited, which were just straight on the same street, different sides but still, much easier to go to than to walk the entire city length. An idea popped into the man's head, an idea that would make all this much easier to finish. He had picked up another job that was to be done near that area, so he walked to the old postman and gave him an idea.

    Reaching those far off houses, the man felt much more content, as he was paid front so now there was no walking back, making his job that much easier. Though now came the hard part of finding the houses he had to drop off the letters to. The side skirts of Magnolia were quite empty, with larger fields and animals roaming around. Houses were separate and he had to find three of them before the day ended, as these letters had a time limit on them per say. But he was sure the owners of the houses would understand if he arrived late and explained.

    At least his job was much easier than expected, two of the houses were opposite to each other and the last was this large tower type place, that was easy as cake to find. So for now, his job was done and he was off to play tag with some kids, which seemed like the most laid back job ever.

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