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    Delivery Girl


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    Completed Delivery Girl

    Post by Kanrya 20th March 2017, 8:51 pm

    Kanrya had a little bit of time to kill before making the train to Crocus for her Cosplay Cafe job, which she was seriously dreading. Her auburn hair was back in a ponytail while the two pieces that framed her face fluttered as the spring zephyrs played with them. She had made her way past the Cathedral when she had come upon a mailman looking flustered about his mail truck.

    "Everything alright here?" She asked letting the cigarette fall from her mouth and then stepping on it to make sure that it was out. The mailman looked up at the young woman in her leather trenchcoat and sighed in exasperation. "No miss, the truck's lost all it's power and it's going to take some time to get someone in here to fix it." He huffed before taking a good look at her.

    "Say, you're a member of Sabertooth right?" He asked as he noticed the guild mark near her left eye and heard her confirmation. "Yeah..." She uttered as she nodded her head. "There really isn't that much mail left, only about twenty or so houses left in this part, all you have to do is find the addresses and deliver what's supposed to go where." He mentioned as he brought out a satchel with the rest of the mail and packages in it. "I'd do it myself but I also need to keep an eye on the truck..." He started to explain. The young Gun made smiled politely as she felt another spring zephyr tease the locks framing her face yet again. "Understandable. I'm lucky that it's such a nice spring day here in Magnolia." She said as she took the satchel containing the packages and letters after taking off her trenchcoat asking the man if she could leave it there for the time being to which he agreed.

    Kanrya spent the next two hours delivering letters and packages to each address and if asked what happened to the mailman she told the wondering people that it was a small issue, really nothing to worry about and that he would be delivering the next day. As she walked and as the satchel got lighter from her deliveries she had a small smile on her face, thinking that possibly when she gave up the guild mage life when she was older that she might settle down in a town like this. She shook her head then clearing it of such thoughts, delivering the last few letters and returning to the mailman and handing the satchel over.

    "Here you go! Some people worried about where you were, but I told them there was a minor inconvenience and that you would be back on your regular route by tomorrow." She informed as she shrugged her trench coat back on, finding the mailman holding out a small bag of jewel towards her. "Know it's not much but take it in thanks." He said a smile on his face. She looked at him in uncertainty and then grinned widely taking the bag. "No problem! If you need help again let Sabertooth know and I'll be back without hesitation!" She continued grinning as she made her way back to the train station to make her way to Crocus, a few jewel richer.

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