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    Delivery Boy/Girl (SOLO)


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    Delivery Boy/Girl (SOLO) Empty Delivery Boy/Girl (SOLO)

    Post by Vlad 8th July 2016, 10:27 am

    Magnolia, a place once known to harbor the Fairy Tail Guild. Those days have long since passed, with the Fairy Tail guild defying the orders of the Magic Council they have been deemed a Dark guild, and have been on the run ever since. What a pity, they had been a good influence on the area, and would have probably made it so that this incident would never have occurred… We cannot cry over spilt milk, so I suppose we should begin our narration on how Vlad had to deliver packages to twenty something individuals, all due to the negligence of the mailman.

    “He wants me to deliver all these!? I better get a decent reward… I swear to god…” He sighed, looking over what he had been given. Twenty packages that were expected to be delivered to their rightful owners, today. “Well, where to first?” He sighed, being unaccustomed to the local area. Vlad was not the sort to merely visit a city on a whim, and never having been sent to an assignment here he found it a tad annoying. “Put, should have just walked around here at one point…” He sighed, scratching the back of his head.

    Ah, the first delivery was right here! Looking around the place he began to examine the home, perhaps he could get an idea for the package? Nah, not worth the time. Knocking on the door he heard no reply. Knocking once more he decided to wait for a few minutes; the chirping of the birds was quite enjoyable.

    The door slowly crept open, revealing the elderly women, looking the male over. “How may I help you?” She asking in a rather loud voice.

    “Delivery Ma’am.” He would hand the lady her package and exchange the usual pleasantries before departing. Letting lose a small smile he would continue his job. Ah, nineteen more packages to go… It was going to be a long day.

    With the sun glaring down on him he continued to walk from house to house, delivering the packages and exchanging pleasantries with each of the recipients. It was a hot day, but the occasional breeze kept Vlad pretty cool. One more package to go… ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN!

    Sighing Vlad began to jog across town, familiarizing himself with the area. “Useful info…” He chuckled, slowing his pace to a walk as he approached his final destination. “Thank god…” He chuckled, handing the man his package, and returning to the Mailman. The walk on the way back was, actually, rather quick! After having spent all day walking around the area he had discovered a few shortcuts. This was a rather useful job. Information is just as important as money.

    “Oi, I finished the job. I believe you owe me some form of reward!” He chuckled, looking over the man. Vlad began to yell at the man as all he received was a merely two hundred and fifty jewels. “I didn’t expect much, but this is outrageous… Well, its fine. Have a good one.” He walked away, quite angered. His anger was subsided when he began to walk around the town. Information was priceless, after all.

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