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    Delivery Girl (Solo)


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    Delivery Girl (Solo) Empty Delivery Girl (Solo)

    Post by Pokomon 19th March 2018, 4:06 am

    Poko sighed as she shoved her hands into the pockets of her oversized, maroon hoodie, her blonde hair flowing behind her, reaching down to the end of her black shorts. She Stared at the people around her, the hustle and bustle of a busy city was not her scene. Unfortunately for her the forest only provided so much and eventually she has to leave it to make money in order to feed her and Zephyr.  The rabbit-like creature rested on her shoulder, somehow able to sleep through all the noise around them.

    "Ugh." Poko groaned to herself as she watched a crying child being dragged by their mother through the crowd. 'How do people live in places like this?' She thought to herself, forcing her way through the mass of people in front of her, trying to find a way to a side street. After some pushing and shoving, Poko eventually found herself in a small alley way that linked the main road with a street full of houses. She checked the creature on her shoulder, still asleep, typical. Zephyr only ever woke when something interesting was about to happen.

    Poko ambled quietly through the alley, avoiding the nearby trash cans, carefully taking in her surroundings so she could find her way out of this hell hole when she was done with making enough money for food. As she was about to leave the alley way Zephyr suddenly stirred from his slumber, glancing around with hazy eyes. Poko glanced at him, her eyes flickering from blue to a yellowish-orange.

    "What’s up?" She questioned, staring at her companion with curiosity. Zephyr didn’t reply, he never did, with words at least. He simply stretched and leapt off her shoulder, floating effortlessly through the air. He looked back at Poko for a second before taking off down the house-filled road. Poko took a deep breath, controlling herself and forcing her eyes back to their regular bright blue before taking off after him. She felt the air swirl around herself, and used a small amount of her magical power to force it in a way that helped speed herself up so she could catch up to the lagomorpha.

    "Seriously, you could give me more warning." Poko hissed quietly, glaring at Zephyr as she finally caught up to him. He ignored her and simply bounded through the air over towards a very distressed looking mailman. Upon closer inspection, Poko noticed that his magic truck appeared to be broken down next to him and he was muttering something to himself about late deliveries.  Poko’s eyes flashed to a pink-hued orange for a split second, as she thought of a plan to make some money.

    "Excuse me. Is there anything I can help you with?" Poko asked kindly, faking a smile in the direction of the mailman. The man jumped back a bit, caught by surprised.

    'Where did this girl come from? I didn’t even hear anyone coming…' He asked himself before composing himself as best he could during this stressful time.

    "Ah y-you see, my magic van b-broke down and I still have t-twenty or so d-deliveries to make today." He stammered. Poko giggled internally at the flustered man, but kept herself cool and collected, ensuring her eyes didn’t betray her.

    "I see. Perhaps I can be of some help?" Poko suggested, "You see I’m a wizard, I’m sure I could handle the deliveries for you, for a small fee of course." The man’s eyes lit up at the thought.

    "Yes, yes! That would be splendid!" Suddenly his mood saddened however, "Ah but I can only afford a small reward, I don’t have much." Poko groaned internally but kept the smile on her face.

    "Not a problem, I would be glad to help for whatever you can afford!" She replied cheerfully. After the agreement was made, the mailman handed Poko a couple dozen letters/packages in a satchel for her to deliver.  She made sure they were in the correct order to make the journey go as quickly as possible before using her air magic to speed herself up, Zephyr helping her along as well. The mailman gasped in shock as he held his hat in place as she took off, surprised by her speed and the burst of air around himself.

    Poko raced down the road, sending the mail through the air and into the correct mailboxes/doors as she ran past. The 2 larger packages however were a little trickier, she had to stop and ensure they were signed for.  The first house a sweet old lady answered and signed for the package. Poko was glad it was simple, because the next one was a nightmare.

    First she rang the doorbell, only to have no answer, yet she could hear footsteps within the house, meaning someone was definitely home. She gritted her teeth, allowing her eyes to glow red as she grew increasingly frustrated. She rang the doorbell several more times, still no answer. She looked at Zephyr hoping he had the answer, but he was just chasing his own tail around in the air; useless. Poko sighed and looked around the place; she spotted a window next to the door and peered in, only to meet a pair of hazel eyes staring back at her.

    "AH!" Poko shrieked, falling backwards, her eyes changing back to their regular blue as she composed herself.

    "Damnit pull yourself together Poko." She mumbled to herself as she stood up, the eyes at the window were gone when she looked again, forcing another sigh from the young maiden. She attempted to ring the bell again, this time yelling out to them.

    "I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE! PLEASE I JUST NEED YOU TO SIGN FOR THIS PACKAGE!" She yelled, hoping they weren’t deaf. This time the door suddenly swung open, causing Poko to jump back a bit in shock.

    "Why didn’t you say so?" a grumpy woman with hazel eyes questioned angrily. She was wearing a brown, tattered cloak that covered the whole of her body and her grey hair was put up in a messy bun with strands falling over her face.

    "Ah…Well…" Poko stuttered, still in shock a little bit.

    "Hmm…?" The old woman glanced towards Zephyr before turning back and stared in scrutiny at Poko and her attire. Her eyes stopped as she noticed Poko’s blue eyes. 'Weren’t they red before?' The old woman thought to herself.

    "Well spit it out. Give me the package. Where do I sign?" The woman demanded. Poko blinked a few times before quickly holding out the clipboard with the form and pen for the lady to sign without saying anything.

    "Done." The old woman proclaimed before basically throwing the clipboard back at Poko, snatching the package from Poko’s arms and slamming the door in her face. Poko gritted her teeth with a ‘tch’, eyes flashing red for a split second before returning to their natural blue state.

    'This is why I hate people.' Poko thought to herself as she made her way off the porch. The remainder of the letters were delivered and she made her way back to the mailman.

    "All done already?" The mailman queried with a grin on his face, happy to see the female make her way to him.

    "Ah yea." Poko mumbled, returning the satchel to the man.

    "Good, good." He smiled sweetly at her before reaching for his wallet and handing her the agreed upon reward.

    "Thanks." Poko replied as sweetly as she could with a fake smile, still exhausted from dealing with that old woman. She turned and made her way to buy something cheap for her and Zephyr, leaving the mailman to deal with his broken vehicle in peace.

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