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    Delivery Girl [job~solo] Empty Delivery Girl [job~solo]

    Post by Shipping Goddess 27th November 2017, 10:36 pm

    Almost immediately after the whole Tag incident, the young Savage Skull member went on to the residential areas of Magnolia, ready to finally meet up with her beloved uncle once again. And who could blame her? It had been almost 2 weeks straight since she last saw her uncle, which was surprising to Mai since, before they defeated the time mage that cursed her, they almost always spent time together, almost so much that they'd be considered inseparable. Her uncle was her teacher, and she was his student. However, the relationship the two shared wasn't as static as that, they had love, and Mura was much like a father figure to the young mage, considering her father went who-knows-where after her birth. That being said, these thoughts about her father were soon replaced with a giant question mark that floated above her head, as she saw a mail truck stationed at the side of the road, apparently broken down.

    "HEY KID!!!"

    A man, a short, pudgy man at that, ran... Or rather waddled as quick as he could.. Towards the young onmyōji. She glanced left and right to see if there was anyone else he could be referring to, then pointed to herself in confusion, until she saw the postal service logo on his uniform.

    "Could... You... Do... Me... A... Favor...? Take bag... Deliver... woo I'm out of shape... Mail... Truck... Broke... Down..."

    Mai stared at the man in confusion. Why couldn't he do it? Aside from the fact that there was a distinct possibility he could get a heart attack from walking alone, seeing as he got out of breath from running a mere 30 feet. Before the shaman to be could give a 'no,' he shoved the bag and 250 jewels in her hands, which brought up a lot of questions from the young girl. The primary one being... WHY? Just, WHY? He had legs, although dysfunctional at best, and it was his job!! But still, the shaman just decided not to question it further, and just accepted the money with a shocked visage, while the man went back into his broken down truck to eat a bag of potato chips and enjoy a soda.

    Not dwelling on it, Mai skipped and trotted like a child in La-la land as she casually tossed each newspaper side to side, one to each house. After about twenty houses, she ran out of papers, but then realized that there was still the normal mail for each house. Greeting angry husbands and wives who were wondering why a random kid walked off with their mail - much less delivering it, she turned around and went backwards for each house. The problem was that she didn't exactly give it in the right order, and random houses got others' mail. She still delivered it, didn't she? The mail man had a couple of men working on his truck as Mai returned, and gave a thanks to the mage.

    "Thanks a lot, kid. My boss would fire me if I even gave the papers in the wrong order, so imagine what he'd do if I delivered them super late due to a truck malfunction."

    Mai once again nodded, and walked off to return to finding her uncle, to pick up their old routine.

    He would not be mail man for much longer.

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