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    Delivery Girl (Job/Solo)

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    Delivery Girl (Job/Solo) Empty Delivery Girl (Job/Solo)

    Post by Aliarey Casady 28th May 2017, 10:41 am

    Job Description:

    Magnolia Town was a place known for its famous festivities, a place known for its kind citizens who are always willing to say hello to even strangers, a place where you could spend all day exploring and socializing in peace and still have things to do for the next day. It also happened to be the town Aliarey was currently traveling through. The tall blonde walked through the streets with her hands pressing against the back of her head. A small sigh escaped her as she came to the realization that she had no idea what she was even doing at such a place. The young woman had set out on her own not too long ago and it was just at that moment she came to the conclusion that she really should of planned ahead. Her savings were starting to run dry. For someone wanting to be a mage, joining a guild would of been obvious. However, she wasn't much of a team player and the whole family thing some of them had going were the causes of much eye rolling when she looked into them. Maybe she should of just sucked it up and joined one just to have somewhere to go because at the moment things were not looking too good.

    Ugh, so many people, she thought, annoyed by the people making their way here and there through the busy town. It wouldn't be long before evening set in and so it wouldn't be too far fetched to assume everyone was just trying to get home or take care of last minute errands before darkness settled in. That didn't make walking through the lively streets from being an absolutely annoying task. Aliarey brought her hands down from their resting place on the back of her head, the left reaching into a small blue pouch that was attached to her belt. Did she have enough jewels to stay at an inn? Her blue gaze looked at the amount she pulled out and even though her eyes narrowed in displeasure she was relieved it was enough. The amount wouldn't last long though. She needed to take some jobs, and soon.

    As if fate wanted to show a sign that she was where she was supposed to be at that point in time and on the right track a stalled mail truck came into her sights. As she moved closer she could see an older man attired in a mail employee uniform frantically trying to get the mail truck started back up but to no avail. Having no real knowledge on such vehicles even she could tell that hunk of junk wasn't going anywhere. With a careless shrug of her shoulders Aliarey kept moving, slowly passing the truck and leaving it behind. It wasn’t her problem nor did she really care. That unfortunate event had no impact on her or her life besides the fact it existed in the middle of her path, or so she thought. Upon hearing a shout from behind her, Aliarey snapped to attention. Oh, come on. It couldn’t be.

    “Hey! You there! Yes, you!”

    By this point Aliarey had turned her head to confirm her suspicions. Yep, it certainly was. The mailman had gotten out of his truck and was waving his arms about trying to get her attention. Just what the heck did he expect her to do about his problem? She was about to just ignore the man once more and continue on her merry way when he came rushing over at the sign of her disinterest. “Aw, man, what do you want?” The woman asked, crossing her arms over her chest as her teal gaze glared at the older man.

    “I do beg your pardon, miss, but as you can see I am in a bit of a bind right now,” he started to say, his dark eyes pleading with her to show some sort of concern and desire to aid him. “You see, my truck has lost power and I still need to finish up my route for the day.”

    “Obviously you have legs. You can just walk the rest of the way.”

    “Yes, I suppose I could,“ the man agreed, nodding his head but still not satisfied with such a solution. “An old man like me can’t really go at a decent pace though. It would probably be morning before I finished. A young woman such as yourself could probably do it in about twenty minutes. You would just have to go down the rest of this street! You’re going that way anyway.”

    “Yeah, not interested. I don‘t do charity cases.“ With that said, Aliarey turned around once more to continue on her way.

    “I could pay you...”

    Upon hearing those words, the blonde’s stance on this ever so important problem had done a 180. She scuttled back over with a grin on her face. Now he was talking. “Oh? How much?”

    “Well I am afraid I don’t have much to give you. 250 Jewels is about the best I can do.”

    That number just made her sigh in disgust. Really? She wasn’t even sure if that was enough to warrant even getting out of bed in the morning. Even though it was way better than nothing and the task was really simple, she still had standards. No wonder she was going broke. Just as she was about to decline and call the whole thing a waste of time, the old mailman started crying out loudly. “Oh, please, miss! You have got to help! There’s no one else I can turn to. I’ll be fired if this doesn’t get done! You can’t expect an old man like me to make it that far!“ The old man was practically sobbing now. The situation could not be this serious. “Oh no, what about my grandson?! He relies on old grandpa to bring him cake and toys! You wouldn’t deny little Billy of cake, would you?!” The man got down on his knees and held his hands out, praying for Aliarey to pity him and help. Well it certainly was causing a scene. Aliarey looked at all the stares from people around and to respond she just shrugged her shoulders, shook her head, and circled a finger around the side of her own head to signify that the guy was a little crazy. It didn’t help much and she could practically feel the negative judgment emanating off of the people around. Wait a minute! Why were none of them helping the man deliver his packages?! Damn hypocrites!

    Still this had now turned into a problem for her and the easiest solution short of running away, which honestly sounded tempting, was to just do the job. “Fine, fine! I’ll do it for the 250 Jewels! Now get up!”

    The man’s wailing stopped immediately, which caused Aliareay to raise a questioning brow. That sure was a sudden switch. “You will? How wonderful!” The mailman quickly got back on his feet with a huge grin plastered on his face.

    “You sure recovered quick!” She could now tell that he had been faking being that upset just to cause a scene and have her accept the job. Sneaky bastard. He must of had practice with this. Just how often does that mail truck break down? The mailman paid her no mind however and instead was happily getting the mail bag from his truck, which he then threw into her arms.

    “Now you just have to go down the rest of this street and around the corner. It shouldn’t take too long. I’ll be here waiting with your payment, of course.”

    Aliarey just rolled her eyes. Well she needed the extra income anyway regardless of his little trick. With the mailbag in tow, she set off to finish the mailman’s route. She had reached the first house along the path and it was easy enough to find the letter addressed to the location and stick it inside the mailbox. It was boring, but not difficult. This continued for about twenty or so houses before she made her way back to the mail truck with an empty bag. “Job completed,” Aliarey told the mailman who had been waiting for her return as she threw the mailbag onto the hood of the truck.

    With a satisfied nod the mailman gave her the promised reward. Aliarey got some extra Jewels for a job well done, grandpa mailman will get to keep his own job, and little Billy will keep getting his cakes. To hell with little Billy.

    (Word Count: 1426)

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