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    DELIVERY GIRL ★ solo, job

    Shiori Saikawa

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    DELIVERY GIRL ★ solo, job Empty DELIVERY GIRL ★ solo, job

    Post by Shiori Saikawa 19th April 2017, 4:47 pm

    DELIVERY GIRL ★ solo, job WIjlryD

    Vesta Guildless D-Rank

    Night started to settle on the now silent streets of Magnolia, she walked gripping her backpack with both hands, her little lion companion now full from food slept on her bag. Making small noises that resembled quiet snoring as he slept. He rose and set with the sun, he could be hyper as a puppy, but once the sun started to set his energy was immediately drained and he crashed wherever he may be. Vesta wasn’t quite sure why he was like this, she just assumed since his name was Sol Leonis translate to english means Sun Lion. Though she never bothered to ask him, maybe she would sometime, but now he was sleeping and she didn’t want to wake him to bother him with such a little question. A question she was probably going to forget about and wake up in the middle of sleeping to remember the little thing. Rather bothersome that such things happened, but oh well. Like Leon, the young witch was getting tired also, she let out a nice large yawn. Smacking her lips she shook her head to keep herself more awake.
    Vesta stopped under a flickering street light once she heard someone in distress, looking around she saw a van pulled up onto the curb down the street and across the road. Out of curiousity of this tiny mystery, the young maiden walked across the street and down it. There she saw a small man, barely taller then herself only by a few inches. He was pacing around his vehicle in a panic, holding his head in his hands whilst shaking it. Muttering to himself, what’s wrong with him the girl wondered to himself. Slowly she approached the man, and then called out when she was a comfortable distance away from him. ”Sir? Are you alright? What’s wrong?” she asked multiple questions, a worried tone and expression to fit the words she spoke to the distressed man. He jolted, dropping his hands, but once he realized it was just a little girl asking him how he was, he was not longer frightened. Twiddling his thumbs he looked at the girl only a few inches shorter then himself, swallowing nervously he spoke back to her.
    "Oh-oh yes, n-no, no I'm not" he stuttered, groaning in frustration he weakly kicked his vehicle before checking to see if he did any damage. "I'm already late for delivering today, now I can't even get it done today because this broke!" he said with increasing and decreasing volume and wide and flailing hand gestures. He started to mumble to himself, holding his head again, then gaining an epiphany he jumped up and looked at her with an hopeful expression. "Y-you! Can you please deliver the last mail? It's only the remainder of this street!" he said, frantically pointing down the street. A good twenty houses before the next street. She pursed her lips and looked back at him "Well I was planning on going back to my mom now" she said in a quieter tone. She'd already been gone quite a while playing tag at a park with some kids her age. Not that he thought her mother was really the type to worry, but she still thought it be wise to get back to her. "Oh please, I'll pay you, not much but it shouldn't take too long. Please, you're young and spry, you can do it way faster then I ever could" he said eagerly, trying to coat the deal so she would do his job for him.
    Letting out a sigh, figuring this would weigh on her conscious if she didn't do it, she reached her hand away from her bag strap towards the man. "As long as it doesn't take long, give them to me I'll deliver them" he jumped up from the ground with joy before frantically grabbing a big bag and handing it to her. It was light, only having the remainder of the mail for the day left in it, which wasn't that much. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooo so so much" he said. Vesta just nodded and moved along. The dimly lit streets were silent besides the sounds of crickets and the small man yelling at his mail van to work. She held the duffel bag in her arms, wrapped around it like she was hugging it. Reaching in she looked for letters that were for the house she stood at. Once she found what she needed she placed it in the mail box and moved on to the next house. It was an easy but tedious job, Vesta couldn’t imagine doing this boring job for a living. Finishing the job took about twenty minutes in total, each delivery took less time as she got the hang of it.
    She sprinted on back down the street, somehow not waking up Leon as she did so. Once she reached back to the man, she handed the bag back "All done!" she said with accomplishment and confidence. He did his little repetitive thank you cycle again before stumbling around to get the jewels he promised the little witch. Grabbing her jewels and placing it in her backpack, she bowed to the man and said goodbye, your welcome and thank you. Then she darted off away from the man before he could hold her back yet again.

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