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    Delivery Boy


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    Delivery Boy Empty Delivery Boy

    Post by Brand 15th October 2016, 4:14 am

    Brand just finished his Job playing tag at the gardens and found out that the mail truck he was suppose to help later broke down. As he sprinted toward where the truck should be he started thinking about his life as a mage. He had used next to no magic on any of his missions yet. He was happy he was doing all these jobs but would he actually get to use his magic soon and actually start protecting people not just running errands. He wanted to show the kid who is now his like biggest fan that he can actually do something. He wants people to be talking about something he did.

    After getting his mind back together he continued running to the truck. Once he arrived he was moving so fast and the mail man just smiled gave him a thumbs up the tossed the mail at Brand. Brand caught it and zoomed by him he had to run about to blocks to where he had to start. It was a good thing he got news of this before he got here or this job would have been so much longer. While running across a street he almost got ran over by a magic-mobile. Luckily Brand was paying enough attention to slide across it's hood. He then yelled back at the driver an apology "Sorry about that!". Brand then arrived at the first of many houses and slipped the mail into the mail box on there property. He continued this for a while and then came across a house for sale. This reminded Brand that he had to remember to save his money for a place to stay. He also really wanted a dog after the puppy rescue he did. The next house had no mail box so Brand walked up to the door and knocked on it. After a bit a old woman answered the door. "Yes?" the woman asked.

    "I am here to deliver the mail ma'am." Brand said holding up her mail. The old lady snatched it out of his hands and shut the door in his face. Standing there in shock for a bit Brand scratched his head. This kind of put Brand out of the mood and was moving a lot slower then before. What was her problem. This was really bugging Brand but he continued down the street. The last house on the street also had no mail box on it but when he approached the house the kid he met bomber jacket was outside. Brand chuckled to himself before knocking on the door. The kid answered and they had a short talk and a laugh about how Brand kept running into him. Knowing it was his last job in Magnolia at least for now he took off his necklace and gave it to the kid it had a lightning bolt charm on it and on the back Brand's name was engraved on it. Then Brand was off again. It did not take long to finish the last few houses. He then ran back to the mail man and his truck and helped him push it back to the post office. Oh the way he told the man about the kid and they both laughed about it. Then Brand was on his way. Destination Sabertooth.

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