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    Delivery Boy Empty Delivery Boy

    Post by Dragofox 11th December 2016, 6:59 am

     The birds chirped to their little hearts’ contents. It was early morning, and the breeze still felt light on the skin. It has been a few days since Garahad stayed in Magnolia for a short break from his wander. He was not wearing his cloak that day, for no apparent reason. Some of the houses are still quiet, probably the late bird kind. He walked down the boulevard, which already had people running. Some working, and he could see that one guild, already banging with noises from its members.
     “Haha.. its still early, and yet they’re already on it.. I guess that’s Fairy Tail for you, eh?” Overhearing one of the dialogues from the people around him, Garahad looked over to the building clearly visible to him. If he was not mistaken , its been probably a bit while since Fairy Tail got labelled a dark guild. Not that they’ve already strayed away from their original, goody-goody two shoes kind of guild, but in a sense, they are. They actually refused to comprehend to the council’s orders to hand over one of their members due to a serious case. But well, Garahad did not know much; he was not there when the whole thing unfolded. He’d probably go get some info on it later, but right now, he has gotten his attention fixated on one man.
     “Ah godamit.. the scrap metal broke again..”  The man scratched his back of the head, another hand resting on the waist as he inspected to smoking magic truck. Judging from his uniform, the man was probably a mailman.
     Garahad first thought of just passing the mailman by, but he changed his mind when he got close enough to see the mailman’s face. “Wait.. Rendy?” The mailman looked over, apparently surprised at the sudden mention of his name. “Who’re you?” The mailman observed Garahad’s face closely, suddenly pinching the man’s cheeks. “Ow ow!” “Oh my! You’re G!” They had a good little laugh.
     “So, I just need to follow this Global Positioning Lacrima, and I’ll be on my right?” Garahad reassured one last time, now wearing the spare uniform Rendy, his old friend back when Garahad was in another town has kept in his truck. Rendy gave a confirming nod, and with that, Garahad set off on his feet after donning the mailman cap.
     With the mail bag strapped sideways his body, Garahad made a slow steady run for it. He dispatched the letter gracefully, swiftly going from house to house, addresses to the next according to the GPL. He recalled Rendy saying he didn’t have much to pay him, but Rendy wasn’t the type to just ask for help for nothing. “Ah, its okay. You’re my friend anyway. Just pay me whatever you have.” Garahad put in a mail into the mailbox, smiling at a passer-by as he continued to be in his way.
     “Done!” Garahad closed the mailbox door of his last mail receiver. Luckily, the last address was close to the post office by a block. Rendy said to meet him there after all the hassle, and Garahad did.
     “You’re quick!” Rendy noted, taking into account the fact that Garahad was on feet when he delivered all those mails. “Well. I’ve got some magic help, so yeah. It’s nothing really.” Garahad grinned widely, assuring everything was fine.
     Rendy paid Garahad what he had, and gladly, he accepted. The two old friends had the rest of the day together, before parting ways again that evening. Garahad wouldn’t be in Magnolia anymore by the time Rendy woke up from his sleep the next day.
     And so, another chapter of Garahad’s adventuring days come to a close.


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