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    Delivery Help!


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    Delivery Help! Empty Delivery Help!

    Post by Lyretich 17th October 2020, 1:15 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    Another day, another job. Today's location was Magnolia Town. A nice neighborhood to reside in and the home city of one of the largest guilds around - Fairy Tail. It was an ordinary day for Lyretich, who came to visit the town for his own leisure time and new place exploration with his pet Wen Yan, to who he had made a promise to let it play in the human realm more often. But who would have known that both of them would stumble upon a mailman's magic truck which has lost its power?

    "Is everything alright?" Lyretich approached the man together with his companion "Is everything alright?" the creature repeated the question. "My truck lost its power, but I still need to deliver to about twenty places, I have no idea how am I going to do that in time," the older man looked quite sluggish and desperate. Lyre looked at Wen Yan who was just near him as they locked their eyes with each other, some sort of silent communication happened, as they exchanged their glances. It took no time for both of them to nod their heads to each other as if agreeing to something. "Mr... what should I call you?" the young male looked at the mailman waiting for him to say his name, as he did not want to be impolite and just call an older person Mr. "My name is Alex," the older gentlemen replay with slight confusion in his voice. "Mr. Alex, don't worry, I and my pet will help you. With three of us working together it should go way faster than you doing it alone, right? I think we will be able to finish just in time," Lyre gave a reassuring smile to the other party, just to be met with a similar one from the other male, "Yes!, I think it is possible," the man's voice was now brighter and filled with a gist of hope.

    As they started taking the delivery packages one by one, Lyre understood that Wen Yan would be of much help, except for the few letters they had, as the creature had no idea about addresses and such. I completely forgot about that... Lyre sighted in a jokingly manner to himself.  For the most part, the delivery of the mail went by smoothly, except for a few customers who were a bit fussy, and asked about things like, why Lyre wasn't wearing company uniform or didn't have a name badge, etc. "Seems we delivered everything you got," all three looked at the now-empty track, with satisfied expressions on their faces. "Really, thank you so much, I don't know what I would have done if you didn't pass by me," Alex smiled with relief now.  The older man waved both Lyre and Wen Yan a goodbye, as his company truck pulled away the broken car and the man himself, as he was seated inside. "Well, another job well done! Was it fun?" Lyre looked at his companion, whose eyes were filled with a glimpse of excitement, before moving on with their business.

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