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    Delivery Boy!


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    Delivery Boy! Empty Delivery Boy!

    Post by Shakil 6th February 2017, 7:22 pm

    "Hm, hmmm..." Hummed a boy with hair as black as a raven's feathers, eyes so blue that you could see the sky when you looked into them, skin a nice, beautiful color. He was quite the handsome boy, but his heritage certainly came with its perks. He had the body of a simple teenage boy, but the mind of any wise man. He decided to ignore his wisdom, and live in the present, for that it was too risky living in the past. There were many things he wanted to forget. Too many tears he'd wish he had not shed, too many frowns he had wish he had not frowned, and too many sad moments he wished were not sad. Nowadays, things seemed to be going his way for once. Reuniting with his kid sister and Mother, establishing new friendships with unlikely comrades, and finally settling in with his lifestyle in Fiore.


    Things certainly went south when the heat blazed! It was a hot day in Magnolia town, and many housing districts suffered from air conditioner failure. Originally, Achim was intending to go knock around and ask for some work, maybe some repairs, but maybe things weren't going south after all.

    "Hey, boy! Deliver this mail for me, would ya? My truck's broken, you see. Not a whole lot I can do about that until I get towed! You don't mind helping me, do ya, kid?" A chubby man in his typical mailman outfit banged on the hood of his truck while looking over to Achim with his baggy eyes. Achim tilted his head and swished his tail back and forth in curiosity. "Oh yeah, I guess. Just give me what I need--"

    "Alright, just deliver the rest of his batch! Only about ten letters and ten packages Take care of them, kid! All of them have the address on it. G'luck!" The mailman waved before Achim hurried to deliver the items. From house to house, mailbox to mailbox, it took him nearly two hours to find the homes and deliver the packages unscathed.

    Of all days the fat fart chooses to give a guy his job, it's today?! How can this world be so cruel at this heat?! Pray for me, Mother, for I am die today... Achim sulked as he continued on, hauling the merchandise from home to home until he finally completed the mission.

    He returned to the car drenched in sweat, and his face holding an expression of exhaust. He leaned against the car and slowly slid down to the ground, too tired to keep himself standing. Out came the mailman from the truck, and grinned down at him. "Hot, huh? Here, I can't pay ya much, but here's what I have to thank ya, kid!" He tosssed a small sack of jewels onto the lap of Achim, but he was nearly asleep by then. "Whatever man... let me rest for a second! Hot as hell out here!"

    What an interesting, exhausting mission. Quite the workout!

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