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    Delivery Boy (Job)


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    Delivery Boy (Job) Empty Delivery Boy (Job)

    Post by HirokoD 24th January 2018, 4:58 pm

    With his new passport in hand, Hiroko was quite happy. He was walking through a sunny day, almost night, in Hargeon town. He had just finished getting his passport and was now legally able to move through different countries. But now that he thought about it, he was not even a legal mage, he needed nos passport, all he needed was to break through or sneak out. His happiness completely went off when he realized the five hours he spent in the building where passports were given away, were just completely wasted. But he decided just not to think about it, it was a little miscalculation. He really did not lose anything important. If you thought about it, maybe he was now able to sell it in the black market or something, he knew; however, it was nothing to be worried about.

    As he moved through a little street, nothing really seemed to happen except for a little vehicle nobody was moving. Hiroko was curious about the vehicle just standing in the middle of the street, so he walked towards it not being too cautious about it. In the magic world, everything could backfire horribly, but that did not really look like something about to backfire on him. When he got to the truck he saw a man in the front, walking off of the vehicle and bumping into Hiroko. "Oh sorry, I wasn't looking." Said the man and walked to the back of his truck where he opened revealing a bunch of sealed letters and packages. It was obvious he was a mailman. "Excuse me, sir, what's up with your vehicle?" Asked Hiroko. The man let a sigh out and turned towards him. "My vehicle just stopped working out of nowhere. I'm really no engineer so I have no idea how to fix it or what's wrong with it." Said the man.

    Hiroko looked around the vehicle in an attempt to find a clue or something about it not working. "I guess can't really help with that, I'm no engineer either... So, I guess I'll leave, see you later." The mailman quickly turned towards Hiroko who was now walking away and shouted for his attention. "Hey wait! I've got and Idea." Hiroko stopped and turned towards him. "Why don't you help me with the last mail and I'll give you some money. Not much, but something." Hiroko thought for a few seconds about this and then nodded in response. "Okey, I'll help you." Said Hiroko and walked towards the mailman. "Money though." Said Hiroko and took the money from the mailman. He then proceeded to carry as many boxes and cards as he could. Hiroko then walked through the street, house by house delivering the mail. Some houses did not open, in that case, Hiroko just left the package on their front yard. Hiroko did not like the job but some money was some money and so he finished to deliver the mail of around 3 blocks. It was all the mailman was missing though, so everyone got their mail that day.



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