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    Delivery Boy | Job


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    Delivery Boy | Job Empty Delivery Boy | Job

    Post by Faris_Blaz! 31st December 2016, 1:31 pm

    Job Information:

    Being a newbie at the Sabertooth Guild, Axel himself decided to take an easy job for gaining a good experience; therefore, the reward was too little, but Axel didn't bother about It a bit as he was just too excited for going out on his first job. 250 Jewels were some worth to him as they would be enough for him to survive for a day or two.The weather was snowy, and breezes were all common.

    When, Axel reach magnolia, and met the requester; therefore, he was being informed that the mailman's magic mail truck has been stacked in a dig as the weather started to slowly, but eventually get worst : the roads were being covered all along with snow, most of the huts, normal houses were destroyed by tree branches coming with the snow storms, and were getting immersive amount of snowfall which caused huge problems for the people to even pass through or walk in streets.The mailman's magic mail truck couldn't afford enough magic to get out of the dig(however even if It would have been gotten out; It can't deliver any letter) as It has already used much of It on delivering thus all the driver could have done was to write a request toward the nearest guild aka Sabertooth as in the terrible weather he could find none people except mages to help him(although he tried, but everybody was busy in running, and protecting themselves from such horrible weather conditions), so what he did. Axel guaranteed the requester or assured him that he would complete his job and took the list of the people, and the letters to whom they were to be sent...Axel caste one of his charge up spell, so called Ice Make Wave; therefore, he used It's sub form, and started to fly out towards the given location; not to forget being an Ice S Molding he was invulnerable to Cold.

    He finally arrived at a guest house of old merchants(belongs to Bossiness Guilds ) mostly 10-11 of them whom have received a kind of important notice( in the the form of letters) from the Guild so called "Xapiyas - Business Guild". Most of them appreciated, Axel as those letters were really precious(held some meeting information ), the next location basically was the colony of treasure hunters whose house numbers were x293,x312,x292,x322,and x114. After delivering a package of maps in the form of letters to them, Axel flies away to Julia's house(with the current spell being caste ) which is in the middle of Magnolia, and gives her the letter. Axel takes off towards the sky again but this time the spell ran out's in the middle of the way, and Axel's is just a bit injured(a little chip in his hand, and some scares getting blood out ) but over all he is safe, and falls to the roof of the right place! here he gives the letter to 3 remaining tourist(letter was from their family ).

    Axel was feeling a bit dizzy after he was fallen to the building thus he doesn't really seems to be in a mood to use the charge up spell sub form again because he would be pushing his body too far! Axel finally reaches the last house, and knocks the door! after waiting, for whole 10 minutes, Axel gets just a bit worried, and starts to investigate from the neighbors( of the house he knows ); therefore, he is soon informed that the owner had left the house 2 hours ago! Axel for a moment thought to just pass the letter through the door, but he remembers his promise again that he did to the requester(He would give the letters to people's hand ). As the weather gets more worst with breezes, and snowfall! he takes this as an opportunity, and uses one of his UA's(Unique ability of Blizzard controlling ) to link the breeze, and finds the very last traces of the house owner; therefore, he finds out that the owner is stuck in the snowfall, and can hardly breath thus he ran off towards him/her to save him/her. When Axel arrives he sees nothing except high snowfall, and blizzard thou he starts to look for the owner, and soon sees a hand under snow...Axel helps the owner, and takes him to his(owner) neighbor's house.The house owner name was Mr.Micheal.As soon as he gains consciousness , Axel informs him about how he saved him, and what is his purpose basically. After giving the letter to Mr.Michael, and receiving much of gratitude from him he takes off to get his reward from the requester.

    Axel, shows each person's individual sign on the delivery paper to the requester as an evidence

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