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    Delivery!  Empty Delivery!

    Post by Ember Wolf 3rd April 2016, 2:30 pm

    Job link: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t2818-deliver-my-letter

    The air in magnolia was livid and alive with energy, as popstar emily Q. was in town! Everybody was so excited in getting to see a live performance from her with her latest single “The ilac double!” This also included a man who had been forced to the edge of the crowd eagerly waiting for emily to make her appearance. The poor man had wanted to give his letter to her, and sadly the crowds had prevented him from doing so. He looked around for someone capable, someone who could pierce the crowd to send his adoration to emily, someone who could-

    “Hey guy.” A woman would have asked him to get his attention, in which the man turned around surprised at ember who was the woman. “Y-yes?” He started, and ember asked, “What’s with the big crowd?” “Uh this is for Emily Q! The most beautiful woman in the world that I have been trying to get this letter to and the crowd has been keeping me out, ARGH YOU STUPID CROWD!” The man turned and yelled the last part frustrated at the crowd which ignored him. He sighed as he realized he blurted out his frustration. However ember noticed it and saw an opportunity. “You're having trouble getting a letter through here” “yeah, I can’t get past everyone in this stupid crowd here.” He glumly admitted. “Well if you have jewels on you, I could get that letter through for you.” The man perked up, but then looked doubtful as he looked through his pockets, really all the money he had to his name was on him. “I have 600 on me, but please! Get this letter to her!” He begged ember. Ember was not really going to go through the trouble of navigating through a crowd for so little, but her hunger bit at her, and she knew 600 was enough to get a cup of hot soup.

    “Fine!” She said and quickly swiped the jewels and the letter, then demanded “Where is emily?” The man could not have been more excited, all though he hoped she would not run off with the jewels, “Once you get passed the crowd, their will be a alley way that following down it will lead you to her room. Please do this for me!” She waved him off as she turned and faced the direction of the crowd, thinking about how to get through them. Finally she made up her mind a spiraled into the air with a sand cyclone from under her feet, disappearing from view as she traveled over the huge crowd. The man was surprised, and waited at the edge of the crowd anxious.

    Some time had passed and a voice came over on a megaphone “Sorry folks! Concert has been canceled for today, come by tomorrow please for the showing!” The crowd was in shock and angered by this, but before they could start their protest a wicked sandstorm ripped through the crowd, causing them to disperse in order to reach shelter. The man himself stayed where he was, covering his face until it cleared as suddenly as it appeared. He looked and where was once the crowd was now were hardly anyone, and ember was walking toward him. He was so confused, and he wanted to ask ember so many questions, but all he got from her was “It’s done” as she walked past him. Still confused, he looked back and his heart nearly stopped, it was emily. Near where the front of the crowd was, she had appeared with her security all...sandy? He was shocked and then noticed that she pulled a letter stuck in her hair, in the same envelope he wrote in…

    Ember after her “Delivery” had settled with a beef soup bowl and dug into it. It was not like her to randomly help people out, but with jewels and food involved how could she say no? Of course, she still needed to find out other things. But she would worry about that after her meal.

    (all done in one post, about 675 words)


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