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    Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open]


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    Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open] Empty Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open]

    Post by Haru-senpai 10th March 2017, 1:45 pm

    Hera stood in front of a vertical mirror in the Fiore National Hospital, located in Magnolia. She literally stared at herself; unmoving as nurses and doctors talked in the background of her room. It was unexplainable. A few mages even were in the room, also doctors, but Hera could sense their magic flow.

    She'd thought her hair turning pink was a result of her using too much Sky Dragon Slayer magic....in her battle against Savage Skull. However, now, she was being told by doctors this was her natural hair color.

    A mix of her father's blue hair, and her mothers soft white pink hair colors. Why didn't she realize it before.

    She'd known all along that she was really only 13, and that one day the Time magicks would wear off. But her real appearance....her age rather. She missed being an adult already, as she looked at her body. Barely useful for seduction anymore. She had an ample booty, and a developing chest. But she was...only 13.

    Sighing to herself, she stood in the mirror as a doctor approached her from behind.

    "Miss Reyold...it seems some extremely high level enchantments cast upon you...are disappearing. This is your natural appearance. You grew up on other worlds, but your natural state in the timeline seems to be taking back over now due to your prolonged presence back on the planet of your birth. According to your birth certificate, you should be 13. There's nothing wrong." he said as a few of the other doctors stepped up to surround her as well, to try and comfort her if anything.

    She stood in the white hospital gown in the mirror, ignoring them for now. She looked more like her mother than she thought.

    "..........." she didn't say anything to them. As another cleared his throat and spoke up.

    "Your magic power is greater than any I've ever seen....but your clothes, we sent them off to the tailor to be remade. The outfit will just be downsized a bit but it's on it's way back now." he said smiling "we all chipped in to pay for it, it's the least we could do for Heero's daughter." as he said this, she raised her eyebrows and turned around.

    "Thank you......it's just......weird. But I feel for once I'm in my own skin." she said as she looked at the floor. She was so short now. This was going to take some getting used too. So young. But she'd always been 13. She had to be herself. Soon a knock at the door came, as Hera didn't even look up from the floor. A concerned looking woman was on the other side as one of the doctors opened it, handing a bag with clothing inside and a receipt. The guy then crossed the room, and handed Hera the bag with her clothes in it.

    Blushing after she'd moved behind a curtain; they'd even included a pair of pink panties in her new size. Slipping them on, she then put on her white booty shorts, and black jacket after slipping on her usual white belly top, and then. Her eyes set upon her scarf laying on a counter. She stared at it for awhile; thinking of her Dad, before wrapping the white scarf around her neck. It had been purple when it fell from his neck during his battle with Acnologia, but when he was put inside of Lumen Histoire, it turned white with a final wish from him to always protect Hera.

    Tightening the scarf, she stepped out. No more than Wendy's size; she blushed.

    "You look great." one of the female doctors said as Hera sighed. Feeling lighter than a feather in her proper age and body now.

    "I'm...thirteen...." she said mocking her playfully, and blushing. Basicaly saying how attractive could she be now.

    "Well....still very cute, kawai as they say in Midi." she said as she patted Hera on the head, causing her to growl a bit under her breath. But smiling too herself.

    "Look how long to I have to stay here?" she said crossing her arms and huffing as she usually did, but it was cuter than usual since she was 13 now.

    "Well we really do need you to stay overnight with such an extreme case but......your Exceed has been in the waiting room since you passed out. When she brougt you here you were much older....imagine our surprise when you woke up and the clothes you were wearing no longer fit....." a male doctor said as he scratched his ear almost in confusion or by habit. "You're a member of Fairy Tail, so I think it's best you remain here lest some authorities catch wind of your presence and get bright ideas." he said with a small smile. The people of Fiore and even Earthland still supported Fairy Tail, but some had a grudge. Seeing them as a Guild who had abandoned the people, ran away for a time. Now returning free of the Council's influence as an Independent Guild, had some on edge. But most were overjoyed.

    With that, the doctors said she was free to go as she nodded. Blushing and stomping out cutely with a 'thank you' as she exited into the waiting area; Rose looked up. Shocked as her jaw dropped, she made sense of it quickly in her own mind.

    "Well then, finally back to normal huh?" Rose walked up to Hera and smiled, beaming and hopping onto her for a hug. She was soooooooo cute now. Hera blushed and furrowed her eyebrows a bit.

    "STOP THAT!" Hera complained as they literally walked out into the bustling streets of Magnolia, Rose still latched onto her. She looked more like the Hera that she knew now, she had been 8, and had this color hair when she left with Eris. Now she looked only a few years older than that at 13, and was downright adorable. "So I grew up on planets where time flows differently than here........so I'm re-syncing with this timeline into my natural state...because I was born on this planet." Hera tried her best to be studious, making a cute furrowed eyebrow face as Rose looked up to her silent, but still smiling a bit.

    She then found a nearby bench and literally just sat down, holding Rose in her lap. Deep in thought. Her Fairy Tail guild crest plain as day there on her right shoulder. Rose tried to get her attention, but Hera literally just...sat there in front of the river than ran through the middle of town. Something more had happened than the doctors were letting on. She was extremely confused.

    She recalled hugging Yazuki for some reason, she couldn't get him out of her mind. Of all people. She shook her head, smiling at the thought of the Yoshino twins, her guildmates and friends. Sighing though, her smile quickly faded as she sat there somberly on the bench near the river in the center of town.


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    Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open] Rose

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    Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open] Empty Re: Thirteen Again [Private Event] [Open]

    Post by Mura Kensho 11th March 2017, 9:27 am

    ”That is some strange power you got there kid…”

    His nerves raged with activation as soon as those words were spoken. Instantly, he reached the katana, but its absence caught him with surprise. The space around him was vast and dark, almost as if he was in one of Aether’s abysses.

    “It would be a shame to kill you now… so how about this?”

    His face twitched a little by the very familiar words. It was that man… Mura could clearly imagine his picture. “How about I cut you to shreds,” he threatened with an intimidating look on his face, unlike his usually gentle calmness, “… Don’t hide from me!!! Show yourself!!!”

    “Join me…”

    Footsteps approached Mura from behind, but as he wanted to much to turn around and grab the element of surprise, his limbs found themselves locked. Not a single muscle on his arms, legs and torso could move on his command, but they were immobilized. This was a pure parody of what happened to him when he faced that mage. He had used the same method to lock Mura’s movements just like this. Was he dreaming? “K-Kyuken…” the shaman called out in a desperate voice. Nothing. Now he was getting scared; Kyuken would always be by his side, so why not now? Nothing other than a literal, magical obstacle could keep those two from each other, so why was he absent? Why now?

    “I’ll take you towards new heights… you have much potential and I can unlock it for you!”

    The voice echoed out in the black void. Mura was against those words with every cell in his body; he had an idea of what the mage was talking about. He was interested in the dark power… no, he wouldn’t play by his flute. Mura still had his opinions about the deity that had ‘blessed’ him of all Midians, but he just simply couldn’t use it. It got him killed last time. “… I won’t! You can forget about-“ he was about to protest, but something grabbed his mouth and kept him shut. It was an auric hand… dark-purple in color… and wielding a ring. A proud laughter illuminated the empty space afterwards, leaving Mura in confusion…

    “CURSE ALL THIS!!!!!” His body jerked off the hospital bed, soaring midair above the doctors that found themselves on the floor with papers thrown up in fright. It was a sunny day, and they were all inside the hospital of Magnolia. After letting the nervous system, along with his senses, leak in and settle again, he began looking around. He was scared; his heart’s beats were totally clear for his ears to hear. That was when he remembered the event that had happened between the city and Savage Skull, in which the picture of that mage popped up again. Mura closed his eyes in order to erase the picture, only to open them with doctors jumping up and down to reach his ears. “E-Ehm, excuse me, master..!” the doctor called for him, in which Mura realized his position and soared back down to the bed, “Oh, finally… I was losing my breath there…” The shaman sweated a bit and mumbled an apology to the man, before he continued with the report: “Ahem, let’s go back to the topic. About your wounds; a few internal bleedings, which have been taken care of. It was lucky of you to be shown up at the last moment, my kid.” The doctor kept switching pages on his sketch, while Mura looked around, thinking: Where is Kyuken? And Zirconis? Why aren’t they here with me… no… please, don’t say that they… “-has been damaged way more severe than the rest of the body,” the doctor ended his sentence, which made Mura realize his ignoring as he switched his gaze directly at the man. Sweating a little, the doctor noticed his absence in thoughts and repeated: “A long line between your left hip and belly, all the way up to your left collar… it’s as if it suffered more damage than the rest of your body. There might have been internal wounds already, no..?” Mura looked down at his own body, following the trail consisting a long scar that reminded him of another incident. “… Is it, eh… too critical, Doctor-sama?” he worryingly asked. The doctor kept switching pages and replied: “You should be able to recover if you keep that part of your body calm. Blood vessels have been weakened at that area, especially… and there’s something else.” The doctor walked behind Mura and looked at the back of his body, his eyes fixed on the area of burn marks. “Normally, we could do something to decrease the visible damage here… but somehow, these burn marks posed a too great challenge to us. Your entire back… it’s one, big burn mark, to be honest.” Mura’s eyes widened a little by the words; did he mean the green flames from the attack? What happened to him? “BUT! The good news is that you’ll most likely be doing fine if you calm down for a while. Let your blood vessels and internal system have time to regenerate, and then it’ll be fine,” the doctor proclaimed, “I must say, you Fairy Tail mages… you really did your best. I’m still hurt by the result of seeing you here, though.” Mura was quite caught by the last words; he wasn’t the only one here? “Who’s here as well?” he quickly asked. The doctor adjusted his glasses a bit and answered: “As far as I know, most of them did very well. Although, one girl’s symptoms shocked us all… she will never be the same again…” Once again, Mura’s eyes widened, but even more than before. Did he talk about Hera? What happened to her? “Very well, you’ll be signed off soon. Don’t take off the bandages yet; give it two weeks,” the doctor informed him. Mura simply nodded, before stepping on the floor. His body was quite sore, but it acclimated soon enough. “Your clothes are located at the changing room to the left,” another doctor spoke up, “-along with your possessions.” Mura nodded in gratitude and slowly walked towards the room.

    When he stepped outside again, he’d taken on his black-orange battle gear, but because of the lack of space for his equipments, he walked around with both the sheathed Harusame and the Futsu no Mitama Blade on each hand. The pockets were damaged, along with other areas on his clothes. Shorting it off, he looked like a brand-new veteran. “Now… I should find Kyuken and Zirconis. They might be worried,” he mumbled to himself, before walking along the river…
    “HERA! HEEERAAAAA!!!” Kyuken called out in the crowds that walked by the street, “HEEERAAAA!!!!” The samurai ghost’s voice was as desperate as ever, filled with worry and anxiety for his samurai companion. Zirconis couldn’t but bump the spirit ball and comment: “Call louder! People can’t hear you, anyways..!” “Okay - “HEEEEEEEEEERAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!” the samurai ghost called out. They passed through several, countless amounts of humans until they finally stopped at a bench near the river, noticing a little girl sitting nearby. “… Hey, what are you doing? Keep call-“ the draconian ghost spoke, but was interrupted by Kyuken: “It’s… it’s her.” The dragon ghost got surprised and looked at the little girl again, not really seeing any sign of ‘Hera’… except the nasty magic within her. “Y-You’re right… that’s most likely her, but what just happened? It can’t be… has she always been so small?” the dragon spirit asked. Kyuken was just as surprised as Zirconis, but not only that; given by the scarf and magical prowess, she WAS Hera, but… she had changed so much. Tears began flooding over like waterfalls from Kyuken’s eyes, an even greater feeling of despair surging through his spirit ball form. “S-S-S-S-S-She… S-She just… She w-was bigger b-before…” he stammered, before letting out a huge cry that she could most likely hear herself, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO---!!!”



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