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    Wine... To Relieve The Stress [Job | Solo]


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    Wine... To Relieve The Stress [Job | Solo] Empty Wine... To Relieve The Stress [Job | Solo]

    Post by Yuvon 24th December 2016, 7:23 am

    Job Info:

    After receiving his beloved passport, Shen moved across the town with the famous name ‘Rose Garden’, which was due to its several, countless collections of flowers from all over the planes of this world. He didn’t smile, because that was a rare characteristic that he lacked a little of, but his heart was eased a lot and if he wanted, he could’ve given out the biggest smile in the world. However, it was Shen, the cool, steel-minded warrior boy of the Dao family; he couldn’t let his guard down the least. Besides, he was in another strange town that he didn’t know of, so… caution.

    His stomach longed for something to sate it, in which he made his way to what appeared to be a fine restaurant in the middle of the town. There were waiters requesting for testers when Shen arrived in front of them. “Oh, hello young man..!” one of them greeted, “Would you mind if you helped us in a little case? We would like to hear your opinion!” Shen looked up at the older waiter with his strange eyes, before nodding. Why not, he asked himself. “Thanks a lot! Now, if you may follow us, please!” the waiter asked, then walked into the filled restaurant with hundreds of customers that were either waiting or eating…

    The waiter followed the young mage to a staff room behind the kitchen where the boss was waiting with a bottle of wine. Shen’s red eye reflected on the dark-red surface of the beverage as the man spoke: “So, I’ll thank you later for helping us, but please… taste and tell us if it really will live up to our restaurant’s high standards, would you?” The boy looked yet at the bottle, then moved closer to have a sip. He was pass the age to drink in Ca-Elum, so no trouble here… or, well, he hoped so. “By the way, that eye… is that nor-“ one of the waiters were asking out, only to be interrupted by Shen’s reply: “Yes.” The young boy continued to sink in the taste of that wine, which had an honest but strong aroma to it.

    He looked back up at the people, then stood there… silent and with no response. The boss and his waiters grew a little impatient and asked politely: “So… is it good?” Shen wouldn’t answer yet, due to his eye suddenly lighting up the room, in which the others gasped in shock. The light faded away, and Shen found himself with aches on the eyelids, thus holding a hand to it. After a moment, he threw the entire bottle into a dumpster to the boss’ big surprise. “Wait, what’re you-!” the boss roared up in confusion, but Shen came up with a quick reply: “Your customers… they won’t enjoy it.” The boss blinked a few times, then settled down with a big smile on his face to cover away his flustering. “Haha! I see, I see..!” he let out in happiness, “Well, then! Thanks for the strong warning, boy; you must know your beverages!” The boss clapped Shen on the hair spike while continuing: “Since you might’ve saved our restaurant from a disaster, what do you say to this; a free meal with whatever you want?” The boy’s eyes shone up, this time in amaze, then he nodded his head. Quite the way to forget all the stress from earlier…


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