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    Getting that Wine (SOLO JOB)


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    Getting that Wine (SOLO JOB) Empty Getting that Wine (SOLO JOB)

    Post by Lyza 8th September 2019, 12:13 pm

    job accept:

    It was night time and Lyza was fresh off her usual nap time feeling... mildly more awake than usual. About 10% more so, she had to guess. Today she was taking on her first 'real' job as a Mage, though 'real' was a pretty loose term to be using. The past two were just getting her passport and iLac, both of which she was surprised to find they were actual jobs she could get paid for. There must have been problems with Mages not having those things or something, so they incentivize you to get both so there wasn't a problem with traveling or communicating or something.

    Her iLac had already proven useful to get in contact with her client and lead to the pleasant surprise of finding out she would be visiting Rose Garden. Lyza had only heard rumors about this place and how literally magical it was. When she first arrived she hadn't expected everything to be so bright, lit by what appeared to be a bunch of light emitting lacrima. That wasn't special by itself, but the sheer number of them that lined the streets and nearby buildings was. Just walking through the streets and seeing everything from how lacrima was being used to hold floating displays for new products to seeing how chefs in restaurants were cooking using flame lacrimas was a sight to behold. Never had Lyza seen this much magic in one place. This is what it was capable of? Why didn't every place do this?

    "Ah, you must be Lyza."

    Looking up, the perpetually tired girl saw a butler standing at the entrance to a restaurant, the same one she was supposed to show up at and the same one that she almost walked past while distracted by the spectacle that was Rose Garden. "This way, if you would." The man held the door open and she stepped inside, finding that it was about as nice as she had expected, if not even nicer. Clean finished hardwood floors and racks upon racks of wines that had all been produced presumably by this one man. The people were well dressed and that made Lyza feel just a little out of place. Her sweater and jeans definitely made her stick out, but she didn't exactly mind.

    "My master would have you try this." The butler that had led her inside offered her a glass of deep purple wine and she accepted wordlessly and downed at least a third of it to get a good taste and...

    Her face had never scrunched up that violently in disgust. The butler seemed surprised at first, then smiled in earnest. "Not to your liking?"

    Lyza managed to swallow what she had sipped and held a finger up as if to tell the man to wait. Her palette had to settle for a moment, but when it did she opened her mouth to speak a few harsh, cruel words in a soft, understanding tone.

    "I've had to dig around in trash just to live once before. This... this tastes worse than that same trash."

    A hearty laugh came from the man and he took the glass from Lyza in turn. "I will let him know. That will be all. Here is your payment, Miss."

    She took the bag eagerly, muttered a quick "thank you", and hurried her ass out of that building before she could be convinced to take another sip of that horrible concotion.

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