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    The Seductively Red Wine... [Job | Solo]


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    The Seductively Red Wine... [Job | Solo] Empty The Seductively Red Wine... [Job | Solo]

    Post by Imai-chi 9th June 2016, 11:36 am

    Job Info:
    At Rose Garden, a small town with delicacies of luxury levels, the red-haired boy had entered its gates. Followed by his new friend and partner in crime, which he called Sei, they looked around the stores and restaurants, searching for a specific one today. He was on quite the peaceful mission this time; apparently, a high-leveled restaurant wanted to test their new badge of wine, before serving it to their customers. Who knew what kind of taste that it would have, and what outcome that it would cause with them? Although, Imai was quite nervous about all this; he’d never drink wine in his life, and not even his parents would let him drink anything alcoholic. However, this was a mission and he’d accepted it; therefore, he must’ve been able to do this, or else it would’ve hurt his guild’s reputation… a little.

    As his sneakers let him enter the restaurant’s hall, his eyes were astonished by the sweet scent of bread, meat and spicy delicacies from every corner of the room. His stomach reacted immediately by growling like a hungry wolf, his eyes turned into the ones of a predator, searching for its prey. However, he was interrupted by an approaching figure; it appeared to be the owner of the restaurant. “Oh, hello, mage of Sabertooth,” the gentleman greeted Imai, who slowly turned towards him. “Hey, how’s it going, guy?” Imai greeted back to the tall person, “So, where’s this exotic wine, huh?” The tall guy would then follow him across the giant hall, leading him to their kitchen, where an enormous barrel was apparent. “Me and my company has just finished our new badge of wine; however, we want you to test it out to see, if anything is wrong with it. You know, weird taste, a slight bit of bad aroma and other…” the owner explained, while approaching the barrel. With one movement, he managed to put wine into a tankard in less than a second. Imai nodded and grabbed the tankard with his right hand, then pulled it up to his mouth. He slurped it into himself, quickly sensing the sweet and also strong and potent taste, the liquid form, and its rush through his throat. His eyes rolled around for a second, while he drank up the tankard. With a large swallow, the red-haired boy looked at the wine owner. “Heh, that surely extinguished my thirst,” Imai spoke to him. It appeared that the owner was yet still curious about the wine, though. “But… what about the aroma? Was it too spicy?” the owner began asking Imai. He grinned and let out: “Its amona was great, mister. Don’t worry about it.” Before ending his question, a hiccup appeared; too soon to be true, Imai began to blush in embarrassment. “… I mean, the aroma is great. Your customers will love the wine,” were his last words to the owner, before he moved his feet out of the kitchen and across the hall. Sei, who simply spectated them, was quite worried about Imai’s condition…

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