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    Tasting Wine (Job, Solo)

    Samira Nassar
    Samira Nassar

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    Tasting Wine (Job, Solo) Empty Tasting Wine (Job, Solo)

    Post by Samira Nassar 14th July 2017, 9:55 am

    Job Info:

    Samira was never one to drink. Ever. She disliked the smell, the taste, and the very thought of getting drunk and losing her ability to think properly, so it came as a shock when she was given the task of doing a simple wine test. People paid others for such a thing? It seemed wiser to just give out free samples for the general populace to try and obtain opinions from that. Nevertheless, there she was, at the entrance to some restaurant labeled “The Spring Courtyard.” A building name revolving around some flower or floral spin. Quite common.

    The building was rather elegant in design, colored white and had many fancy decorations around. Gardens were spread all around its entrance and were even placed around some tables for the outdoor dining area. People wearing expensive clothing gathered around each other to gossip or dine and it was with such evidence that Samira concluded the restaurant was one of high class. A normal person likely would have felt out of place, but the woman with the job just waltzed through the double set doorway with confidence. The fact she did not look the part of a typical high class customer did not phase her.

    She went towards the little host stand where a man with a monocle and butler styled uniform stood. He ignored her presence at first, acting as if she were an unwanted insect that was best to be ignored. She was patient though and even as he helped some other customers she made no signs of frustration. Samira waited, standing motionless right next to the little stand like some life size doll. Finally the creepy factor had settled in and the man could take it no more. He faced her and looked her up and down with a disapproving frown. “Can I help you?” He asked with a slight elegant slur in his words.

    “I am here for the job,” Samira replied, her words coming out in a calm monotone regardless of being treated as some peasant living on the streets. Such discriminating people were inferior to her in her opinion and it was a waste of effort to give them precisely the reaction they were looking for.

    The man let loose a small chuckle, not believing his ears. There were only two jobs available and he doubted the woman before him could do either. Just as he was about to dismiss her a man wearing a high stereotypical chef outfit and hat walked out of the kitchen. “Did I hear right? You are here for a job? The wine tasting one? Please, right this way.” The chef placed his hands on Samira’s shoulders and started to lead her into the back of the restaurant where the experimental wines were kept.

    “But sir! Surely you are not going to place our reputation on the opinions of this girl?!” The host’s eyes widened in shock but the chef ignored him as he continued to lead the summoner through the building.

    Finally the two had reached a room filled with many kegs and bottles. The aroma of several types of alcohol filled the air to create a weird mix of sweet and bitter. The chef grabbed a small wine glass and a bottle with a written label upon it, likely containing the name of the experimental brew. He poured a dash of red liquid into the glass and handed it to Samira. Her soft hand gently grabbed hold of the glass and she simply stared at it with her green eyes as she swished the liquid around by swinging the glass in a circular motion. Now for the part she was dreading. The glass was brought to her lips as she took a small sip. A wave of bitterness drowned her taste buds, a taste she certainly did not enjoy. She forced herself to swallow the substance but she would not dare go for another taste. The glass was returned to the chef, who was waiting for her opinion. “Make it sweeter.” Samira knew nothing about wines or how they were supposed to taste, but if they truly wanted her opinion the only way she would ever taste that beverage again was if it was much less bitter.

    The chef nodded with a smile, happy to have had an opinion on his homemade wine. As a thanks, he made a promise he would remember her and give her a free meal on her next visit, no matter how much the bill rang up. With the task finished, Samira left the restaurant and continued with the rest of her day.

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