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    Wine Testing [Job - Solo]


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    Wine Testing [Job - Solo] Empty Wine Testing [Job - Solo]

    Post by Shakil 18th February 2017, 7:53 am

    "Ooo... how sweet! I think you've done it with this one, Mr. Shalone!" said a young man with messy raven black hair and blue eyes so clear that it reflected everything so clearly. In his hand, he cradled a wine glass between his fingers, holding it gently with his soft palm. The smell of wine filled the area, some were more pleasant than others, but overall, everything was just delightful. But what could you expect when you're drinking at such an expensive and fancy restaurant? - though, of course, Achim was not so wealthy that he could dine at places like these. But who needed to worry about the expenses when your purpose here was to est some wine for the owner? And even though Achim was strong enough to take harder jobs, simple and pleasant ones like these never failed to please. How could he miss out drinking some expensive wine at a fancy-smancy restaurant? If it weren't for the job, Achim would have no chance of being in here, mainly because he doesn't have the money nor the mannerisms required to dine there.

    "R-Really?!" A man with a curly mustache (like the typical ones you'd see on fancy waiters in movies!) and short, slicked back hair spoke with a sense of hope, as if this wine was really the one.

    "Actually," Achim spat out his wine into the spit bucket right next to him, and tossed the empty wine bottle into the pile of others that he rejected, "shitty aftertaste, that won't do!" He had shrugged with a shaking head of disapproval. Achim has had about two dozen samples of twenty four different wines, an had organized them by the ones he had approved and the ones he had rejected. He felt a hotness to his cheeks and buzz surge through him. His tail began to anxiously swish back and forth and his ears twitched, he could feel himself getting drunk. Achim turned over to the owner and huffed with pouty cheeks, "Hey, sir? I'm getting a bit drunk now, so I think that's enough, wouldn't you say?"

    "Oh, why yes... of course. So, that is eight wines that you enjoyed?" Mister Shalone inquired as he pulled out his paper and pen, awaiting an answer.

    "Yeah, sure. A little observation, most of the wines I approved were red wines, so I suggest you focus on those." Achim stood up and dusted off his outfit, "That's that, I need to go home now. Best of luck, by the way."

    And with that, the raven haired incubus gave a friendly pat on the back to the owner before wobbling out of the restaurant. But just before he left, he came right back to inspect the red wines just one last time before snatching one or two of them with an erotic smirk on his face, "I'm going to take a couple of these, by the way. You've written their names down, right?"

    "O-Oh, yes, I have, Mister Anicetus... feel free to take them!"

    "Good, great, and amazing. Feel flattered that I liked these so much, that I'm gonna take'em home with me! Hehe. Anyway, yeah, see you."

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