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    Wine testing [Job/solo]


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    Wine testing [Job/solo] Empty Wine testing [Job/solo]

    Post by Brand 15th October 2016, 5:42 am

    Brand paused before entering the city in which he completed his first job ever. This time how ever he was wearing his fancier blue suit. He was not doing a normal errand job like what he has been doing. This time he will be testing one of the worlds finest wines. Brand entered the city head held high his goal was in view he was almost ready to take his C rank exam. Just 2 more jobs until he was ready one here then one back in Magnolia. On his way to the restaurant he saw tons of people busking and he smiled. Brand as a child had played pan flute to make money so he could travel to the Ace of Spades to join Sabertooth.

    Arriving at the restaurant he was greeted outside by two man in black tuxes who escorted him in and took him into a back room where a man with a top hate was waiting. "Welcome welcome you must be Brand Stife. I am pleased to meet you." the man said holding out his hand. Brand shook it firmly as if to prove his manliness. "You will be trying this wine I am introducing to my restaurant. Now you have to be very honest with me. If you think it tastes like crap tell me." the man said while he had a waiter come and pour him a glass of wine out of a really fancy bottle. The wine was really odd because it was a green color. Brand was really unsure about this wine it actually looked like some sort of weird fruit punch. He held the cup up to his nose and sniffed. It smelt like a good wine and did not have that alcohol burning smell. He rotated the glass in a circle and pretended he knew what he was doing. The reality of the matter was that Brand had only had an expensive wine on occasion and was no expert. Smelling the drink one more time before he took a sip.

    Brand's eyes almost rolled back into his head. This drink was fantastic, it was absolutely heavenly by far the greatest drink of alcohol he had ever had. "Mhm mhm this wine I must say is heavenly Sir." Brand said trying to be as proper as possible. "I would drink this with a fine fish or kings cut of steak. Something soft and succulent." He continued. The man straitened his top hat and smiled. After a conversation between the two of them broke out about the wines color. It was finally settled that the wine would be sold tonight. Brand stood up and shook the man's hand again. "Sorry Sir I must be off I have another job to attend and must get there as soon as possible." he said as he straightened his blaser.

    "Well when you come to my fine restaurant young man. You may have a visit on the house everything will be free for you no matter the price." He said waving Brand out of the room. Brand bowed slightly then followed the men in black tuxes out of the restaurant. Cracking his neck from the stress he walked toward the train station to head toward Magnolia again.

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