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    Wine Testing! (Job/Solo)


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    Wine Testing! (Job/Solo) Empty Wine Testing! (Job/Solo)

    Post by Shakil 17th January 2018, 3:46 pm

    Having an empty wallet only invited an empty stomach, and although unlike other people, Shakil was not as phased by this, but he longed for a spicy chicken or a bitter coffee to tease his tongue and shred underneath his teeth. The thought made him restless, but couldn't work up any enthusiasm to be an errand boy. But with weather getting harsher and winds getting chillier, he seemed to have no other options. Times were tough, and what little money he had was spent splurging, whether that be full course meals every day or only the finest of hotel rooms. It was pleasant while it lasted, a lifestyle close to the one he would be so familiar with.

    For what Shakil had spent in splurging he made up in exercise, walking miles upon miles from town to town in search of work befitting of his own personal status. But like fate, the work seemed to find him, having strolled into the restaurant district of Rose Garden. He would find a dimly lit building with a formally dressed waiter standing outside, drawing attention to a sign that would read "Help Wanted! Wine Testing!" Just as quickly as he read the sign did he approach the man with a confident smirk, "Excuse me, fine sir, you are available for wine testing, are you not?" he questioned. The waiter would simply look at him questionably and ask for his qualifications. Shakil would glare, crossing his arms over his chest, "Pardon? I have refined my palette over a period of time that a pig like you would not be able to comprehend. You have some nerve to ask for my qualifications when needing help so badly. Now, if you will, please move aside." he barked with his silvery voice, watching the man quickly jolt to the left, away from the door.

    Assumed to be the wine tester, he was quickly seated at a table in the center of the building, with the whitest cloth and freshly lit wax candles. They would quickly bring him a tall glass followed by an assortment of both red and white wines, some fresh and others finely aged. But before the brown-skinned man would let his lips graze the glass edges, golden hues darted to the servers with a look as sharp as knives, "You boys do enjoy your red wines. What is with this ratio? Have you no eyes? Balance them, you fools! There are plenty of simpletons who enjoy both grape of the white and red!" he criticized before, pouring the first of several wines, taking no more than a sip. Each time, he took no more than a sip and even spat some out.

    After several failures, the group was left to present the man with their last red wine of foreign origin, aged for several years. Shakil sighed and poured a minute amount into his glass, raising it to his nose for a quick waft. He smiled, letting his lips sink onto the edge and invite the wine into his mouth and down his throat. His cheeks lit up, drinking it all this time. "A treasure, this wine is! I assure you that this flavor will send all who drink it to one of the many heavens. Now, this was the last one, yes? Perhaps I will stop by here in the future. Farewell, little boys." he would wave, exiting the property as quickly as he came in.

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