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    Wine Testing||Solo


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    Wine Testing||Solo Empty Wine Testing||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 26th August 2016, 7:52 pm

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    Lucius just got done with doing a bunch of different jobs all up in a line, the most recent would be the one where he had that dream. It wasn't like any other nightmare that he had, discluding the beginning of it, it put him in a weird mood ever since then. Put him way on edge, and he had no idea why. He wanted to get his mind off of things, though he didn't like doing this, it was the only way he could think of distracting himself. Man, he would have to drink a lot to get himself drunk, hopefully he didn't totally shut down his liver due to it not being used to processing that much alcohol. He walked the outskirts of Rose Garden's streets, not wanting to run into anyone from his previous guild, of which he was banished from a while back. Just taking it from the word 'banished', you can take good guess in saying that he didn't leave on good terms. The assassin almost felt as if the pain was coming back to the scar on his lower back, just by thinking about that time, but he knew it was all just in his head. Finding a nice secluded bar almost outside of town, he headed in, pushing the door open, having to duck under the frame to prevent him from hitting his head. A few people looked over at the tall teen as he walked over to the bar counter and sat himself down on a chair, the few people stopped their looks of criticism and went back to their conversations. Letting out a sigh he put his elbow on the table, and rested his head in his hand. The bartender asked what he wanted "Anything, as long as it will get me drunk quick" he said, you could tell by the tone of his voice how he was feeling. With a slight nod, the clerk went back to grab the dark mage a drink that would do as he requested. Changing his position to rub his temples as he waited for his alcoholic beverage, soon getting it. Vodka served in a tall glass with ice, with a slight nod of thanks, the giant of a teenager grabbed his drink and started to chug it. Not taking a breath until he completed the glass, setting it back down on the table he regained his breath. Next time the bartender just handed him the whole bottle, and the assassin just drank from that.
    After about an hour he could feel something coming on, but he knew he wasn't drunk, not quite yet. Some people had come up to talk to him a few times, and someone was just talking with him before they left. Then an elder man, looking rather athletic for his age, all dressed up in a dark colored suit. He sat next to the green haired boy he just sat there, his head resting on the counter, his hand on a bottle, and his feet resting comfortably on the ground. The man waved the bartender off, basically telling him that he didn't want anything and he was going to be leaving soon. The man nodded, then walked away to attend to other customers. The elderly man looked at him, who appeared to be in a rather sad state "What do you want old man?" Lucius asked, not moving from his position. The man chuckled and replied to the young man's question "Well how about I treat you to some better drinks then this?" His green blue eyes studied him "What do you want from me? I'm not taking any jobs at the moment" he said letting out a sigh as he slowly brought himself back into a proper posture. "Yes, I am well aware of who you are, Fie, or Sicarius, or whatever other names you go by. But that is not why I want you, I see your just looking to get drunk, most likely cause of something that happened. Whether it be one of your 'jobs' going bad, or whatever else. I want you for exactly what I said before, to treat you to better drinks. Would you test my wine, to see if it's truly the best in all of Rose Garden. Heck, all of Fiore" he conversed with him, chuckling after he finished talking. Thinking this over for not even a minute, letting out another sigh he looked back at the man "What the hell, lead the way old man" the grey haired man payed for Lucius' extensive drinks.
    The slightly drunken Lucius followed him, he lead him into a closed restaurant. The green haired boy sat himself down at the bar there, and waited for the owner of the restaurant to get the wine. Coming back with a couple of bottles and glasses, he gently set them down and poured the fermented drink into both of the glasses. He gestured at the glass to the boy, telling him wordlessly that he could test it now. Taking a light sniff, he said his comments about the scent before drinking it "Pleasant smell, sort of sweet and sour at the same time" then he placed it to his soft, pale white lips. Drinking it, the maroon colored fluids went smoothly down his throat. He released a breath from his lungs after taking that drink "Enjoyable red wine, though it's a bit more tangy then expected. Very good but I've tasted better" he judged, finishing the glass. "Well, let me pour you another" he said with a smug smile.
    This went on for a long while, an hour, maybe two, and now Lucius is well. You would use the term 'hammered' or 'smashed'. His cheeks where flushed a few shades of red, a goofy smile on his pale complexion. "Well it was a pleasure" he said smiling "Same to you old man" the green haired assassin said as he got up, stumbling slightly before he continued to walk. "You don't want me take you home?" "Don't have one, later" he said simply and quickly in reply as he walked towards the exit. "Well do come again, It'll be on the house every time for your help" he said with a smile. The boy didn't reply with words, but with a simple giggle and nod at the same time. He left the restaurant building, and walked the streets, well stumbling and tripping better explains it better. A woman from the bar of which he was at before this restaurant, 'ambushed' him in this drunken state. She was dressed in a skimpy little black dress, showing off most of her cleavage, just barely reaching the top of her thighs. Her nails and lips painted a bright and obvious red, she wrapper her self around one of his arms. Quickly making friends with him, the hooker took him home.

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