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    Wine Testing [Job/Solo]


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    Completed Wine Testing [Job/Solo]

    Post by Serenity 3rd August 2018, 8:52 pm

    job info:

    Rose Garden, known as the City of Magic. If you listened closely, the faint sound a wings flapping could be heard traveling through the air above the bustling streets. It was late afternoon when Serenity landed in this magical city. She was there for a very specific reason and that was to test some wine. This was not a pleasure trip, it was a legitimate job she'd taken on from the owner of said high class restaurant. They had requested someone come taste his new homemade wine before he served it to his customers. In other words, the strawberry blonde was to be a guinea pig of sorts. Not that she minded much, she'd get to taste wine for free and if the client was pleased, she'd also get a 100% free bill next time she came to eat there, regardless of the cost. The fallen angel wasn't much of a glutton so to speak but she did enjoy good food.

    After arriving, she walked around for awhile, taking in the sights. All the shops on the streets used magic in one way or another. There was an outdoor ice cream shop that used ice magic to make all kinds of different icy treats for children and their families. There were restaurants who used magic to cook. Florist shops that used magic to keep their flowers from wilting and dying. It was all very wonderful. Serenity would definitely take a better look around when she got the time to do so. Focusing on the task at hand, the strawberry blonde made a beeline straight for the restaurant. After all, she was here on business to begin with. It was no time to get distracted and fool around.

    She eventually reached her destination, a large fancy building that looked to be made out of purely glass. There seemed to be other materials used in the establishment's construction but as to what they were exactly, the fallen angel hadn't a clue. There was a vibrant red carpet that led from the sidewalk up to a pair of double doors that were made out of crystal with golden handles on each one. On the left side, there was a wooden podium that looked to be where a hostess or mater-d would check people in on the reservation list.

    Serenity pushed those thoughts into the back of her mind and entered the restaurant, The inside was lavish and bright. Words did not do it justice. While admiring her surroundings, Serenity was approached by a tall, thick man in a very nice-looking dark suit. "Hello young lady, might I help you?" This caught the strawberry blonde's attention. "Oh yes, my name is Serenity Evans. I have come at a request to taste a new wine." The man's face lit up with delight. "Greetings Ms. Evans. Please follow me." With that said, she followed the man into the kitchen. In a silver bucket on a silver stand was a bottle of wine being chilled in ice. "I'm the owner, Claude Leblanc. I hope the wine I crafted with my own two hands will be the best in the world." Claude had a very hopeful look on his face. Serenity needed to make sure the wine was at the very least high quality in taste or else things would go south without a doubt.

    She was handed a wine glass by a member of the kitchen staff and some of the wine was poured into her glass by another kitchen staff member. She held the glass of wine up to the light. It was a deep red color and was translucent in the light. She brought the glass to her lips and took a sip. As the alcoholic beverage passed her lips and hit her tongue. Her mouth was filled with a rich yet light flavor with a twinge of both sour and sweetness. It was great. Her face lit up as she sipped the rest down. Claude watched her with nervous anticipation. When Serenity took notice, she looked over at him and said; "This wine is simply ingenious. I can say without a doubt it's the best wine in the world." Claude's face lit up once more. He was overjoyed to her what the strawberry blonde thought. He thanked her profusely and gave her a special voucher that would get her 100% off her bill on her next visit. She was sent off after that.


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    Wine Testing [Job/Solo] J2S9OCL

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