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    The Delivery Boy Shen [Job | Solo]


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    The Delivery Boy Shen [Job | Solo] Empty The Delivery Boy Shen [Job | Solo]

    Post by Yuvon 19th November 2016, 7:53 am

    Job Info:
    ”Tsk. This’ll be too easy,” he mumbled from the top of a building in the marvelous city Magnolia. Something was definitely odd about his appearance; what happened to his gi? Also, he was hiding his conspicuous hair-spike under a cap?!? Just what kind of get-up was he wearing? Well, if you were familiar with the request, then you would surely understand; he was helping out a poor mailman, whose truck lost power while he only had a few more houses to deliver mails to. Therefore, Shen was here to save the day for the friendly guy, despite the poor reward. Hey, jewels were most likely overrated in situations like this.

    He smoothly grinded his feet across the tiles towards his first location, a few blocks away from… oh wait, he just showed up. Holding the newspaper on his right hand, he quickly put it on the carpet before the door and appeared satisfied with the result, before moving onto the next location. He had to reach another home a few more blocks away than before, in which he found himself almost soaring above the busy passers-by. Lots of nuisance filled the grounds below him, but he was busy as well; he was busy delivering the countless mails and newspapers (despite only having to deliver like 20). And once again, he found himself in front of the door whom was expecting the daily mail to arrive through the mail truck. However, as he moved his hand to deliver the mail, the door opened with a quick wave. It surprised him and caused the boy to take a quick battle stance out of instinct, only to be warmly welcomed: “Ohohoho, my! It’s so nice to see you again, Mr. Mailma-“ Silence took over the lady as her eyes revealed that it was a little Shen that stood outside of the door, and not the daily mailman, “..? Wait, who are you? Perhaps a trainee?” Shen felt a sweatdrop trickle down by the surprisingly welcome atmosphere around the lady, but nothing signaled trouble. Therefore, he felt no need to stand the way that he stood now and adjusted himself in order to greet back: “Eh… hello, ma’am.” The elder woman bowed down elegantly and prompted the boy to enter her house with a waving hand, while saying: “Ow, you must be VERY tired. Why don’t you help yourself; come in!”

    After lots of treats and cakes, the boy was out to deliver his last mail. Crumbs of cake was stuck onto his cheeks as he leaped from rooftop to rooftop, until he spotted the last doorstep that he was supposed to deliver this mail on his hand. With a precise adjust of his arm, he proceeded to launch the mail with a swift wave by the hand, causing it to spin like a ninja star towards its target… and it hit perfectly! Now stuck onto the door, like, literally stuck onto the wood as he appeared to throw it a little too swift, he sighed with relief of the ending of this job. “I wonder how much that mailman earns, judging by my reward…” he mumbled in silence.


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