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    Delivery Boy | Job | Solo Empty Delivery Boy | Job | Solo

    Post by Seiken 28th December 2016, 2:17 pm


    It was a rather bright, beautiful day in the town of Magnolia with the suns hot rays raining down on them, the kind of days Asura hated the most. Everyone was out with kids running around, parents mingling with each other, and people selling ice cream. Asura sighed as he took a cigarette out of his back pocket and placing it in his mouth before lighting it. "What is there to do today" He said to himself as he blew the smoke from his cigarette from his mouth. He had been walking for awhile now and hadn't found anything exciting to do besides his usual bitching. Guiding himself wherever, Asura ended up on a path way by several houses on a long strip. As he walked a few blocks up he noticed that a mail man was sitting outside of his truck looking distraught.

    Asura really didn't care too much and wanted to keep walking but his fate was already sealed the moment he saw the man. " excuse me sir! Can you please help me?" The mail man said as Asura was walking past, he wanted to keep walking but the man said please. Sighing, Asura turned around and walked back towards the man. "Can you please deliver my mail for me? My truck broke down and I have to sit here and wait for someone to come fix it" man said "I can't leave but I also have to deliver these letters or I'll lose my job, I'll pay you as much as I can as well!" the man's pleading brown eyes met with Asura's cold blue eyes. "Really don't want to" Asura said to himself in his head but he didn't want a man living out on the curb, even if he was a complete asshole.

    "Fine I'll do it, just give me the damn letters" Asura said as the mail man got up and handed Asura a medium sized bag full of packages and letters. "Thank you so much!!" The man said as he hugged Asura who stood their awkwardly "whatever, I'll be back for my money" Asura said before he was stopped by the man again. "Also I forgot to say, the mail I handed to you is for this block but there are about 20 houses that need to be deliverers too. "Thanks" Asura said as he began walking away from the mail man to begin delivering letters. He took some of the packages out of his bag to look at the addresses he had to deliver too and saw that they weren't too far apart from each other.

    "Let's begin" Asura said as he put another cigarette in his mouth and began looking for the first address he was too deliver the mail too. It took five minutes for him to find the first house who had about two more packages in the bag. The next house seemed to be a bit further but not as far as he thought it would have been, making Asura happy that most of the houses he was delivering too weren't thirty minutes away. It took about an forty-five minutes before Asura finally finished delivering packages to the houses and only had one more left to deliver. However his luck was pretty bad and the pretty day turned into rain, wetting him and the bag. "Urgh" Asura said frustrated as he threw the wet packages on the door step and left, finding his way back to the mail man.

    "I see you finished!" A mail truck appeared at the side of him and he noticed it was the same mail man. "Yeah I did, now take your damn bag and give me my money" Asura said grumpily as he threw the empty bag at the mail man who laughed and offered him a ride out of the rain

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