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    Delivery Help! [Solo/D]


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    Delivery Help! [Solo/D] Empty Delivery Help! [Solo/D]

    Post by Samurai 14th March 2021, 4:20 am

    "I'm so sorry, ma'am, you're not hurt, are you?" a stout man exited the large vehicle, smoke spewing from its front. Donning the classic attire of a Mangolian postal delivery service worker, he hurried to the front where, laying flat on her rump, was a young woman. Slowly getting to her feet, she gave a small wave before accepting the helping hand of the man, allowing herself a moment of respite. A hand on her chest, she flashed the man a wide smile.

    "You're fine, just sudden shock, is all," she assured him, before cocking a thumb towards the vehicle. She hadn't seen many of these contraptions growing up, having been able to name the ones she had seen illustrated in picture books with one hand. Having seen the Guild Hall of Maeliora Vitae, however, she didn't feel the classic sense of enamourment that usually fell upon mountain-residing bumpkins. "Are you sure that's meant to be doing that?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at the smoke that wafting skyward.

    The man gave an exasperated yelp as he rushed to the machine before inspecting the crystal that managed to power the delivery truck. With a solemn shake of his head, he turned towards the girl, a defeated expression crossing his face. "Oh dear, it seems I'm at my wits end with this whole thing. It was all so much simpler when I was younger and had the energy to run about and deliver all of these by foot. Nowadays, after my operation, I've just let myself go," he sighed, resting against the van's doorway.

    Ayane looked to both the driver and to the van itself. Taking a moment, she considered the guild marker that was left on her body before nodding to herself. "Oi, driver," she called, clasping her hair to tie into a tight bun. "Howsa 'bout you let me handle delivering these for ya?" she asked, her accent dropping. She splayed her arms out wide in order to take whatever packages he had at the ready. Wide-eyed, and altogether confused, the delivery driver handed off a small stack of envelopes to the woman, asking her for both her name and where she was staying; for liability purposes, of course.

    With the stack in hand, Ayane started tearing through the streets, delivering these letters to the different houses addressed.




    The sun was soon set when the last of the letters had been delivered. "That was one helluva good deed," she congratulated herself, placing both hands behind her head as she began to stroll through the streets. As the rush of adrenaline and goodwill began to wane, she heard the loud rumblings of her stomach. Snapping her fingers, Ayane considered the amazing idea of asking for her reward, she vaguely recalled there being a lack of financial pay involved, however, she didn't recount any mention of the man not being able to feed her. With a smirk, she was given directions by a few locals as to where the postman did his business, hurriedly locating the building.

    "Yo, Delivery-guy, I did that job for you," she called, entering the building. Sitting behind a counter, pen and paper in hand, the Deliveryman looked up and locked eyes with her. Despite having performed his entire days work for him, it seemed that he had a displeased expression on his face. "When you took those letters... did you end up doing anything else?" he asked.

    Frowning at the accusation, Ayane shook her head in response. "No, I wasn't dragging my feet if that's what you're asking, although..." she stopped and took a moment to consider. "Trying to find all the houses were a bit of a pain, I had to keep stopping and asking for directions. I'm not from around here or anything," she stated, opening her eyes in surprise.

    "Wait, why? Was there a time limit to this or something? I don't remember that being a thi - Oooooh," she clutched at her stomach and with an apologetic expression, she gave the man a trying smile. "I don't suppose there's any food about for delivering them in the end anyway?"

    "No, get out."

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