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    Delivery Boy||Solo


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    Delivery Boy||Solo Empty Delivery Boy||Solo

    Post by kittykool75 14th June 2016, 8:42 pm

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    "Fine, I'll deliver your damn bloody letters, quit your whining" the young man said, squatted by the mail man who leaned up against one of the walls of the alley way of which he was attacked in. Bleeding out of his stomach, with his hand uselessly covering the large, deep wound that was created by the switch blade that the assassin always carried around with him. This switch blade he was tapping on his hand slightly, he glared at the man and he whimpered slightly. "Shut the fuck up, do you want me to muffle you" the irritated boy said as he stood up and kicked the man, making him fall over, the man coughed slightly then Lucius shoved the mailman's hat in his mouth, to be used as a gag so he wouldn't make much noise. "You stay here you little shithead, I'll come back to deal with you later" he said, folding his knife and placing it in his pants pocket before walking towards the truck that was parked on the street. He grabbed the bag from the passenger seat, and looked at the address of a letter to see where he needed to go. He walked the streets, ignoring the stares from the people on the street, this was normal for him. Being over six feet tall, wearing all black and having long luxurious green hair, he tended to attract a lot of attention that he didn't like all that much. Finding the house that matched the address he found a couple other letters that had the same address, and he plopped them right into the mailbox before walking off to the next house. He repeated this process for a little while without much difference, until a sweet old lady was outside tending to her garden. Putting on his most convincing and charming, innocent teenage boy smile "Hello Miss, I've come with your mail" he said in a chipper tone "Oh hello there child, now where is my usual mailman?" she asked, looking around to see if he was close by. "Oh, his truck broke down, I was just passing by and decided to help him out" he said, which was a total lie, yes the man's truck broke down, but he probably still would've done it on his own. Truth is not so innocent teenage boy attack him because he was rather irritated, so the man was now dying in an alleyway laying by a dumpster. "Oh how nice of you, hand it here young one" she said reaching out her hand, he walked over to her and gently handed her the mail before saying goodbye and continuing on with his work. After finishing up with the last house, he was walking back, he had been doing this pointless work for about twenty minutes, and he was ready to get back to torturing the mailman. He dropped the bag back in the truck and started to walk into the alleyway when he heard "Who did this to you?" it was a young woman guessing by the voice, the delivery man then answered after letting out a rather nasty cough, most likely coughing up his own blood and spit. "T-tall.........green-" he started to say before having a horrified look on his face, which was because he was looking at his torturer standing behind the girl "You shouldn't of found him, young miss" he said, letting off his aura into the atmosphere. She looked at him, scared, but before she could scream he grabbed her by the neck and he slammed her head up against the wall, killing her instantly. He let go of her and let he fall, he turned back to the man to see him dead. He kicked him slightly "Scared to death huh?" he said to the dead man, kicking him slightly. With a slight irritated 'tch' he turned and walked away.

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