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    Hostage Negotiator

    Azurius Tade
    Azurius Tade

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    Hostage Negotiator Empty Hostage Negotiator

    Post by Azurius Tade 9th January 2016, 3:55 am


    ateri took was passing through town on her way out from Hargeon to Rose Garden, needing to grab some supplies that otherwise couldn't be obtained in the wonderful port town of Hargeon. The reason she needed to get to Rose Garden so badly was because she'd found this weird book in the restricted section of Lamia Scale Guild Hall's Grand Library. It was black mostly, with some gold accents around it. The book had a leather casing, and everywhere the name of the book or its author was supposed to be written someone had gone and scratched it off. She'd also gone through some troubles in that damned restricted section to get the book out. It was an ingenious plan really, all she had to do was take the book and toss it out the door and then jump out the same door before it could close and the two Restricted Section golem, guardian thingies could laser shot her to hell and back. Though her supposed to be short journey through Magnolia had been extended a full day by some kid who had bully problems, Kateri hadn't been stressing about it since she still had her book. Adding onto her list of stuff done in the past two days, and being pretty trapped in this damned town, Kateri wound up doing some photo shoot where she got to learn why some women hate high heels with a passion. She also helped some guy get a love letter to some famous chick he knew from his childhood, though she really didn't think anything would come of the relationship. While passing by that town's guild hall with a devious, cheeky trick to pull, Kateri was pulled aside by some woman who needed her help. Using that as her ticket out, as well as a way to gain some extra jewel.

    Shadow had flew over crocus, landing at the local Rune Knight embassy after flying all the way from Magnolia without rest. Kateri didn't complain since she wouldn't want to have to tote herself the entire way either. While there, the knights had approached her with smile. It was the group she and Dmitry trained some time ago, all seemed to be doing well too. They told her about a situation, saying they needed someone to help with a man with a bomb on his chest. Kateri wasn't exactly good with suicidal people, she turned the job down but they told her they have a negotiator already. What they needed was a sniper in case things went south. That much, Kateri can manage since it didn't involve talking much. She agreed to the task, pulling her sniper out with a devilish smile that made the ex-recruits back up a bit.

    Within an hour, Kateri was sitting a mile away with the best possible view of her target. She had to adjust her shot, accounting for the wind, the curve of the town, and even the weight of her bullet. This gun she used, it was unlike all her others ones. This gun used real, metal, heavy bullets that could miss you by three inches and still take half your ass with em. The spot she was aiming for was one that did two things. First off, it would not kill the target. Secondly, it would shatter the wiring for the bomb, making it so the detonator could be pressed a million times with no results. As a tertiary bonus, the building would be safe, and that dumb ass would find himself in a hospital.

    Kateri watched through a pair of binoculars as a man entered the building. He wore no armour, had no weapon, and entered with both hand sin the air so the target wouldn't get jumpy and accidentally pop the champagne cork for no good reason. Then again, to Kateri this whole charade was total bull shit. Kateri was told to watch out for a signal, once that was done she had permission to execute the target. But that was the old her... Kateri didn't believe in killing her enemy unless it was needed. At least, after learning about one of her guild masters she didn't. After a few moments, she saw it. The distinct flick of the wrist while the man held his hands up, supposedly checking the time. It was followed by the execute command of him turning around, also with his hands up and winking at Kateri. Kateri readjusted her aim, slowly exhaling and tapping the trigger just enough to fire the shot. A second later, the man flew to the side, the wires on his waist were torn apart and his bomb was no longer working. Rune Knights rushed in and apprehended the man, grabbing the detonator and taking the bombs from him. He was dragged kicking and screaming into the back of a truck where he would then be trialed as a terrorist, and then locked up.

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    credit to nat of adoxography and gangnam style.

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