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    Hostage Negotiator (Job/Solo)

    Gilderoy D. Portgas
    Gilderoy D. Portgas

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    Hostage Negotiator (Job/Solo) Empty Hostage Negotiator (Job/Solo)

    Post by Gilderoy D. Portgas 23rd March 2020, 2:49 pm

    This is interesting

    Well this is certainly interesting

    Tomura thought to himself as an rune-knight officer told him of the situation. They asked for his help, and curious Tomura did not deny their request for aid. He took the phone form the officer and placed it to his ear, the man was screaming and yelling hysterically on the other side. “Don’t do anything stupid! Make any sudden moves or try to stop me and I shall kill them” the man voice faltered and withered uncontrollably with anger and frustration, Tomura couldn’t help but smirk. “I promise that things won’t go sour, but I must question why you are doing this.” The string mage would ask, while looking around the street for an advantage point so he could see the deranged man. “Because, this man is a corrupt bigot. He took my job, he took my money, and I cannot provide for my family. He’s hurting them! He must pay for hurting my family! I have to kill him."

    “I do not think you want to do this. Think of your family in this situation, what would they think?” Tomura would question, the man would scream or wail whatever it was, it was a noise of sadness for sure. “I am doing this for them, I am doing this for them.” He would repeat. “You are only harming them, if you do this, you’d be arrested, and if you kill yourself, they would be all alone. They need you with them, not in jail or dead”

    The man on the other side of the phone paused for a moment, and his voice waned when he spoke. “But he must pay for his crimes, he must pay for them! The system doesn’t work, and therefore, I must deliver justice, do you understand?” Tomura shook his head and smiled when he found a vantage point that he could see the other male clear as day, he kicked off the ground and used his strings to raise himself to that point, which was the window of a apartment adjacent from it.“He will pay in due time, you just have to be patient. I advice you to think of your family, your wife, and kids. Your children would need a father, you don’t want them to live fatherless and a crook like him. Do you?” Tomura would question, the man lowered the weapon, or at least Tomura could see that he was lowering something. “Am I wrong? Do you have children.” 

    “Yes.” The man spoke weakly in the phone. “Then you need to raise them, raise them above your boss, raise them to be perfection and beauty, raise them to be successful. For without you, they will be lost.” The man lowered his weapon, and with a pinch of his fingers, Tomura silently moved his strings to attach the man rendering him paralyzed, unable to move or anything- save for talk. “You are going to be taken care of, understand? We will find you a job, we will protect your family.” Tomura jerked his head, and the knights rushed to untie and defuse the situation. The hostages would then reward Tomura, and Tomura would then assure the man that all will be well. After that he left.



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