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    Pretty Sure The Dragon Should Have Hostages, Not The Human... [Job:Hostage Negotiator] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)


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    Twilight Dragon

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    Pretty Sure The Dragon Should Have Hostages, Not The Human... [Job:Hostage Negotiator] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo) Empty Pretty Sure The Dragon Should Have Hostages, Not The Human... [Job:Hostage Negotiator] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo)

    Post by Akeya 4th March 2015, 8:32 am

    Job Description:

    Akeya closed her eyes as she sat back in her seat, still wondering about the nature of her previous client. She just came back from delivering the scaredy cat man to where he was supposed to be, and he had stayed frozen solid the entire time until his wife had appeared and slapped some sense into him. While Akeya had to admit that seeing the female shake her husband had been somewhat amusing she was mostly just puzzled how scared somebody could become. I mean sure, she had on purpose made him scared with her draconic lineage to ensure that he wouldn't cause a fuss, but that he actually froze stiff as a statue and somehow managed to stay that way the entire way towards Crocus... It was as impressive as it was curious.

    Anyway, she was done with that now, so she could return to Magnolia town and maybe pay the Fairy Tail Guild Hall a visit. She hadn't ever done so before, and it was known for being a rather interesting legal guild. Personally she doubted it could be better than Blue Pegasus (seeing how Blue Pegasus had a lot of very powerful mages to learn from), but that didn't mean she wouldn't at least check it out. She came out of her mountain village to learn about the world, after all...

    As for those wondering why Akeya wasn't too busy being crippled by motion sickness, seeing how she was on a train and all, she had found a cheap medicine which should at least keep her head clear enough that she could use the train, although she still felt somewhat queasy. She probably shouldn't try to do any real fighting while on the train, although she didn't expect anything to happen. Of course the fact that she didn't expect it was exactly why it did in fact happen: reality loves not living up to expectations.

    The train suddenly came to a grinding halt nearly sending Akeya tumbling in her somewhat uncomfortable state before she managed to catch herself. Of course that didn't do anything to improve her mood, which already wasn't too good thanks to having to deal with this (reduced) motion sickness. What the hell was happening that the train would suddenly stop moving? It wouldn't truly be so that when Akeya was in a state where she couldn't fight properly something had decided to attack the train she was in. Well, it could happen, but she really hoped that wasn't the case.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately) it wasn't exactly an attack. Well, not the usual type of attack. It didn't take long before it became apparent why they came to such a grinding halt: a man wearing a long coat had activated the emergency brakes, and was now busy heading towards the front of the train, roughly pushing everybody who tried to stop him aside. It looked like he had several objects underneath that coat, causing odd shapes to form on the cloth. What was he hiding under there? Most likely bombs.

    Once the man was at the head of the train he turned around and threw off his coat, revealing the many bomb lachrima he had attaching to his waist. Grabbing the small lachrima which would allow him to be heard throughout the train he started speaking, sounding like he was kind of worried and impatient.

    "Ehm...Yeah...I'm afraid you'll all have to wait a bit. You see, if any of you tries to make the train move again I'll blow us all up sky-high. And don't try to knock me down either: these babies are set to trigger if they receive too much of a shock. Anyhow, I don't really want to kill all of you, you know. I just want a certain group. I don't know if they're actually in the train, so I want all of you to look for a tall bald man, most likely wearing a suit and glasses. He should have several other men wearing suits with him. Do this and nobody will be-"

    "Shut. Up."

    The man froze as he heard this new voice, which was as much a growl as actual speech. And it came from behind, even though nobody had moved. He slowly turned around, only to be greeted by a somewhat terrifying sight.

    It should be noted that Akeya already hadn't been in a very good mood. Even with the medicine she had good reason to hate travelling with the train. And now this man was causing some fuss or another that she didn't care about. All she knew was that she was extremely pissed, so while the man was still talking (at least he had made the train stop moving) she used the shadows to slip past him and appear right behind him, after which she let him feel her full fury. From the man's point of view a dragon made out of darkness was looming right behind him, looking a lot bigger than the train could possibly hope to contain. To make it worse, this dragon reeked of pure anger, and it was all centred on him. Not given much of a choice the man promptly fainted, Akeya catching him and stepping out of the train with him, ignoring the stares from the other passengers. She was going to bring him back to Crocus, where they could decide what to do with him. She wasn't going to use vehicles for anything any time soon if she had any say in it.


    Pretty Sure The Dragon Should Have Hostages, Not The Human... [Job:Hostage Negotiator] (Akeya Kuusai/Solo) Akeya2
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