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    Keep Her from the Creeps [Job / Solo]


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    Completed Keep Her from the Creeps [Job / Solo]

    Post by Adeptus 28th January 2023, 6:27 am

    Adeptus had already had a relatively busy morning. He first woke up early to go get his passport from in town and then, when he was making his way back to the guild hall, he bumped into an elderly man who had lost some pigs. Of course, Adeptus chose to help the gentleman and retrieved his pigs and was now making his way back to the Fairy Tail guild hall. When he arrived, he made sure to have something to eat as he skipped breakfast and after eating his soggy cereal, he went and took a shower at the dorms. Once his belly was full and he felt refreshed after a shower, Adeptus made his way back into the town of Magnolia to do a little shopping. He had originally intended on taking on some requests from the board but thought that it might have been a better opportunity to get to know the town of Magnolia instead. Although he saw various items that he wanted to purchase, he reframed and opted to just window shop until he had more jewels. This was also the perfect opportunity for him to explore the town as he had only been to Magnolia once when he was younger and a lot had changed since then.

    After plenty of exploring, window shopping and some idle chit chat with the locals, the sunny skies that had blessed the day began to set and the night sky turned dark. Adeptus was sitting at a small café that was open relatively late, he had just eaten a piece of raspberry cheesecake and polished off a cup of espresso when he noticed one of the young staff members standing out the front of the establishment, looking left and right in nervously. The young woman was likely no older than twenty years old, her café uniform was covered up by a light brown trench coat and a similar coloured hat hid her blonde bun underneath. “Miss, are you okay?" Adeptus asked, standing from his seat out the front of the establishment. The young staff member had served the young mage so he knew approaching her wouldn’t be alarming when she saw his mask as she saw it before. “Um... Kind of... Well... I’m not sure.” The young mage tilted his head slightly to the right, confused by her words. “There have been some really shady people around at night lately.” Adeptus wondered if he looked shady with his mask. He likely did. “So my boyfriend has been walking me home lately when I finish my shift. But he told me this morning that if he wasn’t here by 7pm, it meant that he had to work back.” Although he didn’t have a watch, Adeptus knew that it had to be almost 8pm by now. “If it makes you feel comfortable, I could walk you home. I’m a member of the Fairy Tail guild so I can insure nothing happens to you.” The young wizards words were soft and soothing, not wanting to give the young woman any more reason to be scared. “You are all kinds of stupid for trying to start trouble here.” Using his right leg, Adeptus kicks with his shin, once in the big guys stomach, followed by his genitals and then his face, forcing him to topple over in pain.

    Adeptus took a step back from the situation and approached the young woman who seemed quite amazed and thankful. None of the shady men were killed but they were hurt badly and it didn’t seem like they were going to be getting back up any time soon. He used this opportunity to get the young woman home and would return to the scene and await for the authorities.

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