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    Tag, You're in! [Job/Solo]


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    Tag, You're in! [Job/Solo] Empty Tag, You're in! [Job/Solo]

    Post by Izo on 13th July 2017, 5:59 am

    The golden sun had been radiating very harshly as burning sun rays would be sent down on the town of Magnolia. Though the weather had been harsh, it was a perfect day to go out and play, and have some fun. Voices of kids having fun would resonate throughout Magnolia as Izo would sit down on the park bench, relaxing in the magnificent town of Magnolia. Izo barely got the opportunity to relax as he was always doing jobs and risking his life to help others, but today was a nice day, a day to relax and have fun.

    "Mister...would you like to play tag with us?" A little boy would approach Izo with his friends crowding behind him as you could see the sweat drip down their faces from all the fun they had. The sun's beam of light would cover half of his cheek while the other parts of his face was in the shade. He would lean forward as he pat the boy's back, "I would love too."  A smile grew on his face that even a little boy could tell, Izo was actually a really good person.

    The children would lead Izo to the east forest where the sound of birds chirping could be clearly heard. And the many trees that would provide enough shade from the blazing sun that sent harsh and hot rays of sunlight. Thanks to the trees that provided shade, it would make the game much easier and less worrying about getting skin-burnt. So the pale bone boy would listen to them as they planned the game, choosing who was in first and what not. It ended up landing on as Izo to be in for the game. And so it commenced, the game of tag which seemed to go on for hours and hours as the kids cheered in happiness from what fun they were having, and due to the shade, they weren't sweating too much.

    The game wouldn't end until the night, when the starry sky would begin to reveal itself making a scenery to be admired. Izo himself was on the ground looking at the sky, alone since all the kids had left to go home. It was the most fun Izo had in a while. Looking at the starry night sky which encased his view, he would begin to doze off with bright smile across his face, one that not many have seen, not even his closest of friends.

    He had been lonely when he was young, more like abandoned when it came to his parents. He was exiled from his family and non-existent friends..all because of his whole bloodline who also had the ability to use Shikotsumyaku, wanted him to kill, which he refused to do to normal innocent civilians. He woke up because of the horrifying memory, feeling a sharp pain in his chest, it was his heart..it was in pain. He had moved on, but no one had ever filled the whole he had inside his heart.



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