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    Tag! (Solo Job)


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    Tag! (Solo Job) Empty Tag! (Solo Job)

    Post by Unknown 6th January 2018, 10:06 pm

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Tag!
    Rank: D Rank
    Player Requirements: Any Rank any amount of players
    Job Requirements: 500 words minimum PER PLAYER (+200 per player beyond the 2nd)
    Job Location: Magnolia, East Garden
    Job Description: Some kids have asked you to play tag with them, so... go play tag.

    Unknown had been skipoing through Magnolia as happily as ever when a group of kids interrupted him. "Hey mister, can we touch your ears?" Asked one of the kids rather boldly. Unknown, who wasn't wearing a hat today, nodded and knelt down in the snow so the kids could touch and pet the soft cat ears atop his head. The kids seemed happy enough to play with his ears until another little group of kids came running up. "Tag! You're it!" Yelled one as he touched a little girl on the shoulder. The little girl seemed confused, until another kid went "We were playing tag, remember?" to her.

    Unknown got a little excited at the idea of a game of tag, as he was still practically a little kid himself. "Can I play with you guys?" Asked the odd boy in a hopeful manner. The kids looked at each other. "Sure, mister. But you have to be it!" They squealed, running away from the taller boy, who laughed. He let them run for a few seconds, giving them a head start, before he ran after them. The little boy who had tagged the girl in front of him earlier was slow, he discovered as he ran after him. Slowing his oace a bit so he wouldn't upset the kids, he chased them with shouts of "I'm gonna get you!" And "Come here so I can tag you!". The kids were happy, Unknown was having a good time, and it was all working out pretty well, to Unknown at least.



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